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The Best Parental Responses To The Microwaved Turkey Prank

I ask my mom for advice and directions about everything. If my son sucks on a marker, if I need some cake from the grocery store, if I have to write a check – no question is too simple or complex for my mama. Even questions about preparing a Thanksgiving turkey.

After all, that’s what moms (and dads) are for!

This year, people are pulling the “Microwaved Turkey” Prank again. If you aren’t familiar, people text their parents to ask for preparation instructions for a 25lb turkey… by using the microwave! The responses parents are sending are incredibly funny and pretty sweet.

Most parents answer lovingly despite the obvious idiocy of the question.


“What the hell are you cooking a turkey for?” Understandable question, mom!

Yes, a bigger microwave truly will be mandatory for this turkey, Dad!

This dad gets a gold star, though; he went the extra mile to help!

Some parents weren’t as chill about it, though…

“Wrap it in tinfoil. Microwave for 30 min. Then go to the store and buy a pre-cooked one precooked bc you will have to feed the fire department.”


Then there’s gems like this mama who gave simple, precise instructions… no questions asked.


That’s right, in case you were wondering, Butterball actually has a hotline! Give them a ring if you have any real questions about turkey preparation. Other than that, keep pranking to your ‘rents. Since we’ve got two more days until Thanksgiving, give it a try with your parents today!

Featured image via Ashim D’Silva on Unsplash



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