Twitter Is Sharing Your Extremely Relatable Thoughts With #DontSayIt

It may feel like we are alone sometimes in those silent (or out loud) conversations we have with ourselves. According to the latest trend on Twitter, though, #DontSayIt, apparently we all have internal monologues from time to time.

This week, people have taken to tweeting about all the things that happen when their brain tells them to not say something even though we automatically think of the perfect response. Proudly sharing with the hashtag #DontSayIt, many people are giving us insights into their minds while also providing us a great source of humor and relatability.

Sometimes we tell ourselves #DontSayIt to avoid embarrassing moments like these…

Sometimes, though, we really feel compelled to say it in order to just avoid the awkward.

Although, if you are like me, most of the time your #DontSayIt moments involve bursting into song…

Or, of course, to finish a punch line that someone else walked right into…

As you can see, we all battle our brains (and often lose). Try as we may to tell ourselves #DontSayIt, the truth is that often it feels like someone “took the words right out of my mouth.” Yeah, you’re right, probably shouldn’t have tried to add that reference there.

What would you tweet about with the hashtag #DontSayIt? Comment below or jump on Twitter and use the hashtag, and let us know by tagging us with @ReadUnwritten. Happy Hump Day!

Featured Photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem on Unsplash.


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