Why Anthony Bourdain Is Missed For More Than Just His TV Shows

“He didn’t know how much we needed him.”

Those were my best friend’s words when we found out we lost Anthony Bourdain. We both said how much we were hurting. He had such an impact on our lives.

Anthony Bourdain was an American author, celebrity chef and TV personality. He starred in television programs that focused on international culture, and cuisine. He was born June 25th, 1956, and passed away on June 8th, 2018.

As a poor, college grad. I didn’t have the funds to travel the world, meet people from different cultures, and eat amazing food. But, I was able to enjoy all of these from Bourdain. He would travel domestic and afar to these great cities, and we got to learn about them through the TV. We would just sit on our couch and we felt like we were there. We got to learn about different countries, different hardships, and see food we didn’t even know existed.

Not just touristy shit that everyone else sees, but the real life of the locals.

It was an escape.

It was a paradise in our own home.

One thing I enjoyed about Anthony Bourdain was his personality. He was ,of course, hilarious, but he wasn’t biased either. He didn’t just come in single-mindedly and judge everyone on his presumptions. He just hung out with the people, asked about their views, and enjoyed their company. Even if he was doing something that wasn’t his cup of tea. That’s what I loved.

People weren’t judged from the right or left, based on personal decisions or interests. The fact that his audience was so large is amazing in this day and age. It wasn’t just a bunch of baby boomers or just millennials. It was all of us. Young, old, active, and couch potatoes. It didn’t matter, everyone loved him and everyone watched his show.

I know a little about mental health because I was a psychology major, but I’m no psychologist. So I don’t know what he was going through, and I don’t know what he was feeling. Obviously, it was awful to leave behind a daughter and a girlfriend. It makes me so sad that he was thinking they were better off without him.

But I can’t help but wonder, if he knew how much the world needed him would he have stayed?

He showed the injustices of so many cities, and he showed us the amazing things that are happening in foreign countries and our own. He opened our eyes to different cultures from  our own. He made us more tolerant of everyone. He made us understand other people. He made countries that we didn’t know about personal. He showed us the best and worst parts of traveling.

He made us feel alive.

He made us feel free.

I miss his witt, I miss his jokes, and I miss his sexiness for a 60-year-old. Most of all I am so sad that he is gone. But maybe he knows now the effect he had on us all. I hope he knows he’s missed, I hope he knows we cared and we’re sorry we couldn’t do more for him.

Anthony Bourdain, you will be missed, and you were loved by everyone. Rest in paradise.

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