The Internet Is Losing It Over Buffalo Wild Wings’ Crazy New Flavor

Have you heard the big food news that’s been taking over social media for the last week?

Everyone’s favorite wing spot, Buffalo Wild Wings, has released a new wing flavor for fall this year: Pumpkin Spice!

While some people think this will be delicious, others say it’s a little too weird to be any good. Honestly, if I had to pick a side, I’d say pumpkin spice wings are a little too strange for me to even try.When I saw a friend share an article about it on Facebook, even looking at  the title made me cringe.


I personally don’t like pumpkin spice-flavored anything. Chicken wings, however, are the best, so I don’t know why Buffalo Wild Wings chose to ruin some perfectly good chicken wings with pumpkin flavoring. I mean, I know it’s the fall season and everything, but come on, B-Dubs! Pumpkin spice sauce does not belong on chicken wings.

While non-pumpkin spice fans like me are not at all jazzed about this trending news, pumpkin spice-lovers are hyped (and probably screaming at the top of their lungs) over this news.  

I’m very interested to hear what the pumpkin spice fans will have to say after first eating this trending fall wing flavor. After seeing some people taste the new wings, I don’t think they’re anything to write home about. But, hey, that’s just me; see for yourself.

We’re trying pumpkin spice chicken wings! @sarahaines thoughts: “Oh… it’s going through seasons on my palette.” #PumpkinSpiceWings #GMADay

— Good Morning America (@GMA) October 19, 2018

I hope this new wing flavor really delivers for pumpkin spice lovers.

It won’t be a hit with pumpkin spice haters like me, though. Sorry, B-Dubs, I’m really not understanding why you chose to create pumpkin spice wings. Pumpkin just does not belong on chicken wings, guys. I seriously hope that you’ll think of something better next fall, so I can enjoy a seasonal flavor, too.

So, all you pumpkin spice-obsessed freaks, go out and get your pumpkin spice wings now, while they’re hot! Everyone else, grab your popcorn and a comfy chair, because laughing and shaking our heads over this new addition to the pumpkin spice craze will definitely make our fall.

Have you tried these crazy Buffalo Wild Wings? What did you think? Share your feedback, (good or bad), in the comments!

Featured Photo via patrice_not_patricia.


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