3 Scary Short Stories That Are Inspired By Taylor Swift Songs

Scary tales have always taken the big part in people’s heart. They lucidly want the answers for odd occurrences and violent behavior while others just desire to have fun out of the fear. From ‘A Quiet Place’ to ‘Hereditary’, our earth is extremely terrified this year. However, horror becomes too predictable sometimes that it blows the sensation of being frightened. We surely need something to spice up the world of terror by adding a twist.

Lucky for you, Taylor Swift songs indeed have their dark sides! True that her songs are mostly about love and heartbreak but who knows that you can actually catch the lyrics in vengeful ways. Besides, her smart, beautiful, and profound personas makes her even more perfect for the role of a scream queen. But the question is, will she survive her own story? Let the bloody night begins.

  1. Red

It was an awful party but thank God the guy I just met was cute af. That night, I felt like driving his new Maserati to escape my boring friends. I told him my idea, and he was in. So, I planned to take him somewhere which has always been my favorite place to go. I drove faster than the wind because I couldn’t wait to share it with him. I advised “no seatbelt” just for him to enjoy the rush and danger. Carried away, he flirted saying “you’re passionate as sin.” Finally, I ended the ride down a dead end street. It was a sudden stop, because I almost missed it.  I think he was fascinated by that place as much as I was since he just froze there in his seat, not even saying a word. Red love was in the air, bleeding red. It made me love him even more. Then, I walked myself back to the party ‘cause I guess he wanted to stay.  

  1. Love Story

Do you remember when you made your way through the crowd just to say hello to me? My dad was like “stay away from Juliet.” I looked at you talking to him in the garden later on that day but then I never saw you again. I didn’t know why you took off, or what my dad said to make you leave. I cried on the staircase begging you please don’t go. Ever since that tragedy, I kept standing on a balcony in the summer air, praying for you to take me somewhere we can be alone. My dad would see me crying, and as time went by, my faith in you was fading. Then, my dad brought you to marry me in the garden. You looked exactly the same. It’s a love story, baby, we said yes. I picked out my white dress and you wore the same outfit as that time you said hello to me. Your skin sparkled in the sun and I was way over the moon. When you were told to kiss me, you reached for my neck, and my dad looked at me and said “I told you so.” Now we’ve been together for so long, Romeo. We sleep side-by-side in our coffins, drinking blood for our meals and staying young forever.

  1. Mine

I think I am being stalked. I tell my detective friend about this and how I suspect it’s a guy from my hometown. He then asks me to meet him at his house. His place is far from mine. It is near the lake, beautiful and silent. I agree to meet him there. I start explaining what happened “First, a drawer of my things went missing. Then, I found these polaroids of me lying on the couch that had I’ll never leave you alone written on them that were sent to my mailbox.

Five years ago, there was a guy from a small town whom I met. And I remember that fight we had at 2:30 AM. We were sitting by the water. He put his arm around me but it was too tight that I couldn’t breathe. I tried to defend myself until I slipped right out of his hands. I ran out crying and he followed me out into the street. Then, I called out to people and asked for help. He vanished. I never saw him again. I changed my name, left the small town, never looked back. It must be him. I can see it now. I guess he learned my secrets, and that’s how he knows where I am. The detective responds with a question “Do you remember when we’re sitting there by the water?” Then he put his arm around me. He got me.

I’m sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, ‘cause she’s dead! 

Featured Photo via Google Screengrab


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