Why Dreams About Death Aren’t As Bad As They May Seem

Two nights ago, I dreamt that I was getting ready for my dad’s funeral. I know, I know. That kind of dream is enough to wake anybody up in a panic, eager to text to their father and make sure he’s alive and well. For me, I love it when I have dreams of death. It’s not because I’m some super maniacal woman whose favorite time of year is Halloween (although it definitely is), it’s because dreams about death typically always symbolize a new beginning. I love that.

See, as someone who’s already lost one of their parents, dreaming about death isn’t as scary and heartbreaking as actually going through it. Dreaming that I was finding trinkets to place down into my father’s casket with my deceased mother standing beside me, barking orders that I had to specifically read the prayer card she was holding, actually brought me a weird sense of comfort. Any dream that my mom is in, regardless of the context, gives me solace that she’s still around, that I can still see her face, still hear her voice. Outside of pictures, dreams are all I have left.

I want to be 100-years-old when my father finally passes, or at the very least, be able to have him around for all the big milestones my mother is going to miss. She’s already missed my wedding, and she’ll miss when I walk across the stage with my Master’s degree, when my first book gets published, when I buy a house, and lastly when I become a parent myself.

My dad, I hope and I pray, doesn’t get to miss out on any of that. That’s kind of why my dream was so special to me. Dreaming of death has also signified new beginnings to me. This dream made me realize that even if he weren’t around for any of it, it doesn’t mean that I can’t start a new. It doesn’t mean my life is over. Losing my mom at such an early age taught me that.

The experience of my husband and I trying to become parents has taught me how small the things I typically worry about actually are and how easily they could’ve been corrected if I’d only seen the bigger picture. Dreaming about death always symbolizes a new beginning. According to the website Dream Moods, “to dream about the death of your living parents indicates that you are undergoing a significant change in your waking life.”

I’d say that the process of trying to conceive a child is the biggest significant change that could be happening in my waking life – and my husband’s. Likewise, this would be a wonderful and significant change that would be happening in my father’s life. He’d finally have an opportunity to be a grandfather, which is a role he’s always dreamt of possessing.

Dreaming about death is typically thought to be negative. Often times we may fear that we’re dreaming that negativity into fruition. That is hardly the case. Whether you’re dreaming about a loved one passing away or your own demise, death dreams usually mean there’s a part of your life that’s shifting. You’re changing, life is changing and certain relationships, traits or routines of your old life are taking on a new form.

Dreaming of death is nothing to be afraid of. It’s actually a sign that things are going to be good moving forward.

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