8 Creative Pumpkin Carving Tutorials That’ll Get You In The DIY Mood

There’s nothing more nostalgic than carving a pumpkin or two during the Halloween season. Of course, there are costume parties to attend and a slew of classic spooky movies to occupy our October evenings, but Halloween itself is slowly transforming.  If you have kids, you know that even trick-or-treating is slowly fading away and trunk-or-treating is the new norm. In fact, the lack of children walking around our neighborhood last year was quite depressing

But pumpkin carving is here to stay (I hope!)

You can carve (or decorate) yours as intricate or as simple as you’d like! Here are 7 tutorials I found to help you get your carve on!

1.Filigree Pumpkin

Martha Stewart brings us this seemingly simple tutorial for this delicate and feminine design. Place it on your front porch or your dinner table for a dainty touch!

  1. Poison Apple Pumpkin

I’m obsessed with this Poison Apple design that will bring out the Disney witch in us all.

  1. Photograph Pumpkin

This tutorial claims that one can turn any portrait into a pumpkin! Now, I don’t doubt the possibility, but I do doubt myself. However, if you’re borderline artistic and understand shading at all, this is for you. The first carver used a picture of his kid sister, and the second used infamous Dwight K. Shrut, both look pretty rad to me!

  1. The Shadow Box Pumpkin  

While searching for tutorials, I came across these diorama pumpkins, which I’ve never seen before, but am so excited to try! Artists are using foam pumpkins to create shadow boxes, and I am in love. The setups for these shadow box pumpkins are all the same, but the creative possibilities are endless and can be personalized in beautiful ways, as shown here with the classic haunted house scene and this stunning Día de Muertos setup.  

  1. Ombre Spiderweb Pumpkins

The description is in the title. Martha Stewart again brings us delicate versions of pumpkins that look as simple as they are to create – and the results are perfection. All you need is paint, tape and sponge (and a pumpkin, obviously!)

  1. Carving Pumpkins with Drills

You don’t have to be good with a knife to create a great pumpkin! Grab a drill and go to town! There are many design templates out there for inspiration, but check out this tutorial to grasp the basics (and truly, it is basic!) Create pretty designs with simple holes and a candle.

  1. An Out of This World Pumpkin

There were tons of ‘galaxy’ DIYs, but this one was by far is my favorite! It’s airy, it’s dark and it’s totally different! Additionally, it’s made with a fake pumpkin, meaning it can be kept all year round.

  1. Painted Pumpkins

People create some beautiful painted pumpkins. A quick Pinterest search will bring you loads of inspiration. This tutorial gave the simplest directions and some of my favorite designs.

What type of pumpkin will you create?! Happy hunting, decorating and most of all, happy Halloween, Ghouls and Gals!

Featured image via Think Make Share on Instagram


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