I’ve Learned To Love The City I Live In And You Should Too

For over a year I had been dying to live, shop, eat and breathe in Sarasota, Florida. Last year, I signed a year lease living in Pinellas Park with a guy I was dating and his dog. Pinellas Park was okay but it wasn’t where I had wanted to live. It was way too far from ALL my markets, family and friends. I wasn’t happy living there.

This past September I signed a new lease for a condo in Sarasota and I’m loving every single minute living there. I’m right in the heart of everything: great restaurants, Siesta Key beach, schools, a shorter commute to my markets and events, shorter drive to my family and friends. Everything I can literally think of wanting or needing is no more than a 2-minute drive. It’s really wonderful! Every morning I wake up happy knowing I’m in an area I can feel good about. Studies show living in an area you like is very important to your mental well-being and helps to bring you more success. I can certainly believe this one.

My neighbors are great! I only have been living at my new residence for about a few weeks now. But, of the neighbors I met, they are all super friendly and have asked if I need help carrying groceries in or boxes to and from my car. I never received that sort of help when I was living in Pinellas Park.

In my community, the property manager throws fun events for all the residents! I can hardly wait for the wine and cheese soiree and the holiday party! The majority of my neighbors are older folks around 65 years of age and older. I honestly prefer that over people my age any day. I never get woken up during the night to loud noises, people shouting or cars passing by and honking their horns. You can literally hear a pin drop. It is by far the safest and most upscale place I have ever lived so far.

The employees at Walmart are even really nice, too! I don’t know about you but most of the Walmarts I’ve been to the workers can’t stand their job and it shows. When I went to Walmart the first night I moved in, I asked a worker for help finding an item and five other associates eagerly rushed over to assist. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I mentioned to the kind woman I just moved to the area and she was so excited naming off places for my roommate and me to go to.

I realized after been up in the Florida panhandle for about 3 weeks, I’m a total city girl. I’m missing home and not having to drive far to get to my destination.

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