Here’s What You Should Know If You’re Considering Eyelash Extensions

For the longest time I could not understand how women could wear artificial lashes everyday, enduring the process of the glue and removal and not to mention cost. But it was only until recently I learned that these women are wearing something called eyelash extensions. Tiny synthetic hairs are glued individually onto each eyelash creating a thick, full set of lashes that are semi permanent with proper care.

As someone with very little eyelashes myself and a love hate relationship with mascara I was thrilled to give them a try and immediately searched up a technician near me. I was nervous about the application process, but it turned out to be quite pleasant.

The experience overall was similar to that of a spa treatment, laying in a comfortable bed with a neck pillow and relaxing music playing in the background. The technician gently applied tape upon the bottom of my eyelids, preventing the glue from sticking to my bottom lashes. While keeping my eyes closed, the technician used small tools to separate each lash and apply the extension. This process was very relaxing for me and I nearly drifted to sleep!

Having visited more than one technician I cannot stress enough that the application should be a comfortable and pain free process, but every technician is different and it’s important to find the right one. While each technician is similarly trained, they may use a varying quality of products. It is always important to put safety first to avoid potential infections or injuries.

For the first twenty four hours I was very consciously aware of their weight. I wouldn’t exactly describe them as being heavy, but it’s a sudden bulk I was not accustomed to.  

In order for the glue to properly set I was instructed to keep them dry for twenty four hours which was simple enough. After that, caring for my lashes is a matter of brushing them out gently and keeping them clean.

Personally I absolutely loved having eyelash extensions. Something so small did so much to boost my confidence and reduce my usual need for eye make up. The lashes were long and thick enough to compliment my eyes enough without my normal winged eyeliner and eyeshadow.  

The biggest downside to eyelash extensions I would say is the cost. Initially, a brand new set when first applied is the most costly with bimonthly touch ups while price also varies for chosen extension material type, length and thickness. As well, it was nearly impossible for me to wear eyeliner or other kinds of eye makeup without the risk of ruining my lashes.

Overall I had a very positive experience with eyelash extensions! I definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a mascara alternative, especially for special events or vacations.

Featured image via Photo by Haley Rivera on Unsplash


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