The Compliments I Would Rather Hear Instead Of ‘You’re Beautiful’

You’ve heard them all. From “you’re so pretty,” to “you have an amazing figure.”

Why is it whenever we receive compliments, it’s usually on or about our appearances? One small feature, maybe our eye color, or the way we smile, or how big our chests are, can define how attractive we are, why is that?

If we have a big chest or ass, guys find us hot. And, if we don’t have those details we’re not as attractive. If we style our hair and makeup perfectly, our selfies look amazing. But, if we don’t have that perfect selfie, we edit them so they are 10/10. We transform ourselves into what we want to see.

Who says beauty has to be physical? Why can’t we be called “beautiful” because we make other people smile. Or we’re never afraid to be ourselves around other people? Why does it have to be “you have blonde hair and blue eyes, that means you’re beautiful?”

Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to receive a compliment on our appearance especially when it’s unexpected. But I’d be so much happier if I was known as “the happiest person in the room” or “the person that makes everybody feel like a somebody.” We have so many more features to give to this world besides the looks we display.

I want to be able to know that I can instantly make someone smile when my name is mentioned, or that I make someone’s life better because I’m in it. I’d much rather know that I make someone’s life better because I’m a part of it.

I have so much more to offer than beauty. After all, I am intelligent, kind, bubbly, sarcastic, easy going, and thoughtful. I want this to be what people notice about me first. And not just the fact that they think I’m pretty.

There’s so much more to me (along with everyone else) and I think it time we notice personalities, before physical features. Let’s let our compliments showcase more about people. Because we are all more than our appearances.

Featured image via Photo by Ionut Coman Photographer on Unsplash


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