What You Should Realize About Yourself In Honor Of Love Your Body Day

Today is Love Your Body Day, and I wanted to use this day as an opportunity to encourage you beautiful women to make an effort to accept your bodies not just today, but every day.

We are constantly bombarded by media’s ideals of what beauty should be. The beauty template women are expected to follow is extremely narrow, unrealistic, and frequently hazardous to their health.

I hate to admit it, but I have wasted so my time in the past trying to hide my various flaws. Now I realize that it came from a deep place of insecurity – thinking that if I could just hide what was wrong with me, then everything would be OK.

Sometimes, we are our own worst enemies. Sometimes, we are our best friends and biggest fans. The way  we view our bodies greatly impacts our lives.

I’ve grown to love my body because of the amazing things it lets me do. I’ve truly come to appreciate my body for its inherent intelligence and never-ending strength.

Today and every day, look at a mirror and love your body.

No matter how tall or short you are. Regardless of your skin complexion. No matter what number shows on the scale. Regardless of how many stretch marks or scars your body has. Quit wasting time worrying about your figure—nothing about you is ordinary. Your happiness isn’t size-specific and your weight does not equal your worth.

We only get one body in a lifetime. If you want to feel free and confident in your body you need to love, accept, and honor it as it is. Treat it like the most precious gift that you have been given. Embrace and love your body; it’s the most important thing you will ever own.

This is your body.

Your body is a sacred vessel that houses your soul: the essence of who you are.  Your body is your personal sanctuary.

Love your body.

Loving your body means taking care of yourself. It means means feeding yourself deliciously healthful food. Loving your body means nurturing it with calming self-care routines. It means taking a break from your busy life to attend its needs.

Loving your body means accepting your size. It means looking in the mirror and seeing all the attributes that you love about yourself. Loving our bodies gives us the ability to see ourselves for who we are inside and out. It’s being conscious of your body and respecting it for all it does for you. Loving your body is self-love, because we are all indubitably beautiful. 

When you love your body, you will stop starving or binging. You will stop criticizing yourself constantly. You’ll stop hating and abusing it. You will stop comparing yourself to others. You’ll stop caring about the world’s standards.

When you love your body, you will start taking care of it. You will start cherishing it. You will feel happy and at peace with yourself. When you love your body, you will start focusing on all the positive attributes that you possess. Because you love your body, you will feel comfortable with who you are on the inside, too. When we learn to love our bodies, our imperfections can become perfection.

In honor of Love Your Body Day, I challenge you to abstain from all negative self-talk about your body. And I encourage you to love to your body.

Your body is what makes you uniquely and divinely you!

Featured image via Dove


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