7 Reasons Netflix’s ‘The Dragon Prince’ Will Be Your Next Obsession

If you haven’t heard of The Dragon Prince, get ready to find your next obsession. Netflix recently released the animated series and people have been loving it. Reminiscent of Avatar: The Last Airbender and Over the Garden Wall, the story follows two half-brothers who are princes of a human kingdom at war with an elven race over an ancient dispute. Here are 7 reasons this series has quickly become a favourite for many viewers, and why it will soon be yours too!

The Representation is Amazing

This is the first animated series I’ve seen that represents people from all walks of life: there are POC main characters, strong female characters, and deaf characters that use sign language. The showrunners have also confirmed that there will be LGBTQ representation!

. . . But It Doesn’t Fall Into the Stereotyping Trap

The representation is phenomenal. What is even better? The fact that the show doesn’t relegate its characters to being ‘tokens’ simply present for the purpose of a diverse cast. All the characters are given fascinating motivations, and you’re sure to find a character who’ll become your favourite! Even the villains are intriguing and complex.

The Art is Stunning

Seriously, prepare to be astounded by everything from character design to costume choice and animation. There are some really interesting details surrounding the artwork, from the way the artists have rendered the movement of wind through hair to the symbolic colour schemes!

It’s Perfect for Autumn

Can you imagine anything better than curling up with a cozy blanket and sipping some hot cider while watching an animated series about good and evil, humans and elves, magic and the elements? To me that sounds like the epitome of a perfect autumn afternoon.

The Episodes Are The Perfect Length

It’s easy to fit this series into your day because each episode is only about 20 minutes long. Imagine doing your makeup to the accompaniment of a tale of ancient dragons, magic, and mystical intrigue! It can also make the perfect mid-study session break, just in time for midterm season!

It’s Everything You Wanted as a Kid

Sword fighting? Check. Sassy elves? Check. Cute animal sidekicks? Check. Life-threatening adventures and magical mayhem? Check! When I was younger, I loved anything vaguely mystical that told stories of warring kingdoms, adventures into unknown lands, dragons and elves. My childhood self would have adored this animated series, and I enjoyed it even now as an adult!

But It’s Not Just for Kids

This series deals with important issues, and addresses them appropriately. Many aspects of the show have deeper allegorical meaning, such as class differences and societal prejudice as represented through the elves and humans.

By now you’re probably already opening Netflix in your browser, fingers poised to search for The Dragon Prince. So go forth! Join the ranks of the many Netflix bingers before you who have fallen for this charming adventure story.

Featured image via Unsplash 


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