8 Struggles Nearsighted People Totally Relate To

Some people may not realize the struggles nearsighted people face. I remember when I didn’t have the proper eyeglasses to correct my vision and daily tasks were hard to handle. Nearsightedness, or myopia, is one of the eyesight problems that affect about thirty percent of the population. It’s a refractive error of the eye that results in blurry images of distant objects.

If you have this eye problem or not, you’ll probably be interested in learning about the struggles that I and others with the same issue deal with on a daily basis. Some of them you may consider hilariously funny, and others may evoke your pity.

People Joke about My Predicament

I have a lot of friends who are natural-born jesters. Being who they are, they sometimes see your nearsightedness and crack up a joke about it. “You really can’t see?” is one of the most common phrases my friends like to say to me.

There was also a time when someone I know hid my glasses and teased me afterward about my difficulty seeing distant objects. I would add more on this point

I Can’t Clearly Read The Lyrics In The Karaoke

Before I had my glasses I always had to lean forward near the monitor to distinguish the words of Bon Jovi’s song “Always.”  Add more to this point.

When It Rains, It Pours, And It’s A Problem

When I’m outside, and the rain pours, it’s difficult to decide whether to take off my eyeglasses and not see or keep them on my eyes and still not see. When it rains, my already impaired vision is aggravated by the rain-pour and the moisture.

People Think I’m A Snob

You know when you cross paths with someone on the street, who you know, but don’t see them? This is a daily struggle for nearsighted people. A friend reprimanded me one time when I failed to respond to him waving at me when I walked passed him.  When I see a person in a distance, I can’t clearly distinguish the face. I can only make out images when they are relatively near me. In the past, friendships have almost ended because they thought I was being a snob. Friends, I promise it’s just because I can’t see you!

I Mistakenly Waved At Someone I Didn’t Know

Based on the history of not saying hi to my friends on the street because of not seeing them, I decided to wave to everyone who looks like someone I know. However, I quickly stopped that because I waved at a stranger and it became one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. He didn’t wave back, so I just walked off.

I Have To Be At The Front When Watching A Movie

I can’t help but be at the front seat when I’m in a movie theatre watching a movie. The struggle is the same when there’s a powerpoint presentation in a meeting. I can’t read something unless it’s in the right distance from me.

I Have To Read Something Inches Away from Face

Without my glasses, it’s a must that I hold my cell phone or book right up to my face. I look like I’m almost kissing these things, so people can’t help but laugh looking at the sight of that awkwardness.

There’s a lot of struggles that you have to go through when you have myopia. If you feel that your eyesight is not doing well, it’s a must that you consult an optometrist for a checkup. If you have the same struggle as me, it’s advisable to get your eyes checked by experts in clinics like Eyes in the Village.

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