Nasty Gal Now Has Affordable Plus Sized Clothing But People Aren’t Buying It

As if being a curvy woman isn’t difficult enough, we also have to worry about finding great clothing that won’t break our budget. Luckily for all the curvy women like me, Nasty Gal is now selling plus size clothing! (I know, it’s about damn time.)

In a special statement released by the #girlboss brand, Nasty Gal said:

“Confidence, fearlessness and individuality make up the core of who we are, but the size inclusivity was not always part of the conversation. Safe to say, we were overdue for a change. We’re finally joining the party.”

All pieces offered in the collection are under $100, from clubbing dresses to t-shirts. But here’s the thing: the new collection offers ranges from sizes 0-18.

Nasty Gal’s decision to expand their sizing is thrilling. Yet skeptics say a size 18 still isn’t big enough for most women to fit into; which I agree with. In fact, there is more backlash about the collection than there is celebration.

I do think a lot of change still needs to be made, but I am thrilled they are becoming more inclusive and are making the effort slowly but surely.

I was always under the impression that Nasty Gal was solely made for skinny women under a size 6 who live in a big city and live like they’re part of the cast of TV Land’s “Younger.” Their clothing never appealed to me because it never related to me… let alone fit!

It’s a shame that something that should be so progressive is only causing more damage. The price alone should be something to celebrate, but instead we’re forced to be disappointed by the lack of options and the pitiful offer. The lack of sizing options and designers is disheartening to say the least. I just don’t think this is a genuine launch, but more a publicity stunt for their website.

All in all, am I impressed by their decision? Absolutely. This very well could be a step in the right direction. And I hope that, come time for their winter collection launch, the sizing options have increased even more.

Feature Image by Nastygal via Instagram


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