5 Things My Professors Never Taught Me But College Did

During my time in college, I was always in a constant battle with myself. It was an irony I made myself chose something I hate, science, to become proficient in. Luckily, I succeeded, knowing the fact that I was graduated from a reputable institution with great GPA and with a very serious degree.

Even so, the fact that my educational background won’t support my dream job makes me wonder if there is a triumphant future for me. I keep sinking in “I should/I shouldn’t” thoughts. But, the more I think about it, the better I know that life seems to always find ways to let me grow good. Getting the degree was indeed a critical point but being let know 5 precious things are somehow more valuable than an academic title.

  1.       I Met My Precious Friends

Without someone to hold on to, are you even a person? Paradoxically, if you are a tremendously maverick individual, you will still need those people to help you gain perspectives of any aspect in life (to scrutinize and survive it). All my college years, I met a lot of new personages from miscellaneous backgrounds. You can never choose who you’ll end up being getting along with, and by that, I am beholden. I am that kind of person who highly values moments of privacy. Still, I will never know how to be shrewd, annoying, masochistic, modest, and audacious without their existence! I learn that they are parts complexions galore which we need to possess to be more versatile.

  1.       I Find It Vital to Have a Healthy Soul

It devoured too much of me; committing to be a bright student when the fact is that you wish you were a student of professors from another neighborhood. Worse, commitment had been conclusive and I had to deal with the following consequences. Several times I thought about giving up but I am not a quitter. Eventually, I managed to make it practical to spare some time to shut out reality.

After years of settling in the earth, I finally worked out how my soul is crying out for its own life. Until now, I never fail to try my best to assure its happiest life. I find it easier now to organize time, put abundant things on the list, make priorities, and do roughly most to all of them while still being physically and mentally steady.

  1.       I am Open to Do Anything

Stuck on learning something I highly despise made me explore hustles and bustles to turn my fervor on. I would always join in activities just to make sure I have things I am passionate about and to prove that I am not a hater just because I hate my major. Simply because there are certain things out there which are meant for me. Without giving notice to whether I finally found something I’m wild about by being open, now I know I am capable of so many. Those extra things I do apart from my major have sharply taught me skills that are convenient in life: love life, work life, and my life!

  1.       I Know What I Really Want

Sometimes, you are likely to do anything just to be freed from unease. I realized when I was in college that I did unexpected things just to feel liberated. I skipped classes to eat pizza, sketch dresses, read business books, writing, and so on. Anyway, this is the good aftermath. After my graduation, I am no longer afraid to verbalize what I really want because I have tried so many things and I do know what is and what is not for me. I’m just going to do whatever it takes to live the things I love.

  1.       I Can Do Anything

Some say to choose your own destiny. Others say that everything has been written and that where you are now is where you’re supposed to be. No matter which one is true, you are required to be ready. Maybe I will end up contributing to an industry with regard to my degree. Or maybe I finally live my dream life. I never know. However, knowing that I’ve survived the hell I never like makes me understand on how to eat anything served on my plate. The only challenge is to grow love out of doing it and I believe loving is something learnable.

Timing is important and patience is key. Have the courage to choose a venture. Always keep yourself in faith to transform fantasy into reality. In every chance, be prudent to relish your situations. That is living and thanks to college, now I know I am.

Featured image via Sami Hobbs on Unsplash



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