Tamron Hall Launches An Online Shop To Raise Awareness For Domestic Violence

Starting simply as a “Day of Unity” held in October, 1981, October has become Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence hopes to use October of every year to not only mourn victims of domestic violence and celebrate those who have survived, but also connect people around the nation so they can  help end this horrible occurrence.

Domestic violence may not seem like a serious issue to you, but many people across the country and the world live in constant fear within their homes. On average in the United States, 20 people experience physical violence from an intimate partner every minute. Furthermore, nearly 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men experience physical violence from a domestic partner.

Whether you know someone impacted or not, thanks to Tamron Hall, you can help raise awareness and enjoy something beautiful.

Hall, former co-host of “The Today Show,” has been open about losing her sister to domestic violence in 2004, and, as a way to memorialize her sister, started her own fund to help families who experience these struggles in getting the help they need. The Tamron (Heart) Renate Fund goes to support Safe Horizon, an organization dedicated to “moving victims of violence from crisis to confidence.”

To build extra excitement and help bump up support this year, Hall has partnered with some vendors to offer boutique products that support the cause. Tamron’s Purple Products are available through Safe Horizon’s site, and each involved vendor has pledged to donate 10% of the sales to Hall’s fund. From clothing to jewelry to sweet treats, Hall boasts that “there’s something for everyone” through her chik digital pop up. Even though there’s no timeline on the site, chances are it’s for a limited time, probably wrapping up around Halloween.

If designer dresses and fancy purple head wraps aren’t your thing, that’s OK! There are plenty of ways to help the countless women, men, and children who desperately need a safe way out.

Here’s a few ways to help provide support for victims of domestic violence during October (or anytime):

Help sponsor a public awareness campaign.

Organizations such as the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence provide amazing information and resources on how to plan and execute an effective local campaign. These events can create a lot of dialogue within your community and bring attention to domestic violence in new ways.

Donate to organizations who provide help.

It’s easy to do a quick Google search and find ways to help financially. The National Domestic Violence Hotline, for example, has a place to directly donate online. NCADV, NO MORE, and other organizations all have ways to donate or support financially with just a clicks. (Always be sure to check that a charity or site which is collecting donations is a legitimate non-profit, though; there are many scams on the internet these days.)

Volunteer to help at a local domestic violence shelter.

Local shelters or safe houses can always use helping hands and goods. If you have specific skills that you think could benefit this community of people, be sure to mention them. Even just something as simple as canned goods or clothing could mean the world to someone who just fled.

Whether you are all about Tamron Hall’s purple shop or not, spend this October helping victims of domestic violence. You never know what might save someone’s life or give someone the courage to finally walk away. There’s so much we can do to put an end to this kind of violence.

Feature Image by @tamronhall via Instagram



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