Cheers: It’s Time To Celebrate ‘National Vodka Day’ Like An Adult

How exciting is it to have an excuse to take that shot or pour that cup full of vodka cocktail and have a blast? Remember though: drink only if you’re legal drinking age, and always drink responsibly. Watch out for your friends, and most importantly, watch out for yourself. It’s easy to drink too much and get out of control.

Who hasn’t seen the out-of-control girl at the party? She’s falling all over the place, slurring her speech, she can’t hold herself up for the life of her… and she’s frightening everyone just a little bit. Don’t be that girl, but if you happen to stumble across her (no pun intended), help her. Don’t just ignore someone who is struggling. Take care of yourself, and take care of one another.

There are several safe ways to enjoy National Vodka Day.

The first (and most important) tip is to know your limit and drink in moderation. There’s no need to get blackout drunk or “white girl wasted.” There are other, far safer ways to enjoy your vodka. You can partake in this glorious holiday without getting so drunk that you can barely stand.

You can also help out by being someone else’s designated driver (DD). Being a DD for a group of friends who is drinking is extremely helpful, and it’ll ensure that none of your friends decide to go driving after partaking in this lovely holiday. We should all know better than to drive after drinking heavily, but drunk-driving accidents happen more frequently than they should. Don’t let you or your friends become another statistic.

If you would like to partake in National Vodka Day, do so somewhere you feel safe.

If you choose to stay in the safety of your own home with your friends,  make a sleepover party of it! Play some drinking games, have a little fun, and go from there. Don’t let anyone drive home afterwards, though! Everyone should agree to stay in the same location if they’re going to drink at someone’s house.

Vodka can be a heck of a creature. It can sneak up on you, so don’t drink too much of it too quickly.  Avoid reaching the point of no return with your drinking. No one wants to be the “pukey drunk” who can’t handle their liquor. Now, that’s something  we could all do without.

If you follow these simple rules, you’ll definitely enjoy National Vodka Day. Just be safe, have fun, and don’t let the party get too out of control. Other than that, National Vodka Day is as easy as pie.

Feature Image by Michael Discenza via Unsplash


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