Everything You Need To Know About Apple’s Latest iPhone

My husband is a tech guy. I still had a flip phone when we first met, but five years later, he’s got me sippin’ that Apple juice. I now have the iPhone X and the Apple Watch (his birthday gift to me).

Each year, Apple conveniently releases new iPhones around my husband’s birthday, as if he and Steve Jobs planned it themselves. They announce the upgrades, and suddenly, an obvious b-day gift presents itself.  This year, my husband’s loving parents offered to get him the iPhone XS Max.

So, the man who loves sleep more than life itself set his alarm for midnight to pre-order his new phone, then waited a long, obligatory week. In the meantime, he adorably obsessed over his new phone, reading every article he could find, I even caught him watching videos of people unboxing their new phones. (eye roll)

Friday arrived, and like our toddler waiting for a cookie, my husband sat in anticipation for the delivery guy. Then, with one ring of the doorbell, his new love affair began.

It’s been a week. I’ve dabbled with his phone, compared it to my X, and picked his brain, this is my review of the iPhone XS Max:

When I went from the 6s to the X, I felt robbed. Sure, the quality was better, but I had expected it to be at least as large as the 7 plus. The size of the X made me feel that the phone was somehow less. The XS Max eliminates that impression. My husband no longer needed to choose between screen quality and phone size. Does size really matter? Well, as with everything else, it depends on what you do with it.

Aside from the enormity of the phone, the screen quality is out of control. My husband swears we have the same screen grade, but I don’t buy it. When I first checked out his phone, I mistook a photo from our honeymoon in Hawaii for an Apple default stock photo. The photo was so clear, crisp, and beautiful; I honestly did not recognize the island we had spent 10 days on.

The camera itself is pretty incredible as well. It doesn’t simply capture one picture at a time; it quickly snaps multiple frames and combines those to create the best version of the original picture it is shooting. The XS Max also has some pretty neat new features in portrait mode and low-light settings.

With the size and the excellent screen quality, the XS Max is perfect for watching movies and shows, so it makes sense that you need speakers with a higher amplitude, and Apple didn’t disappoint. The speakers are now wider, clearer, and at least twice as loud.

One of my favorite new iPhone features (including the X’s), is the new navigation system. One simply has to swipe up to browse open apps, rather than using the Home button which no longer exists.It does take some time to get out of the center button habit, but once you do, you’ll realize that this new navigation system simply makes more sense.

When researching the iPhone, I came across an article dedicated to the phone’s speed. These phones are currently the quickest on the market.

All-around, the XS Max is a rad phone, and I understand the obsession. Does the XS Max have any cons? Besides the fact that it has stolen my husband’s attention, I also think it’s ludicrous that these new phones don’t come with the headphone jack adapter. With how expensive these phones are, Apple couldn’t throw in this tiny extra? However, Apple devotees will tell you that’s just Apple being Apple, so I’ll get off my soapbox.

I love the absolute loveliness of the XS Max. It has a beautiful simplicity to it, and I can’t help but slightly envy the hubs. And of course, if you ask my husband if he has found any flaws with his new XS Max, he’ll simply tell you  “Nope!”

Featured Image via appledsign


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