What Do You Want Your Love Note To The World To Say?

Have you ever stopped whenever it is your doing and gave some real thought to the fact that every time we embrace ourselves in a positive light, we instantly become accused of shaming ourselves or glorifying something? Take, for example, plus-size model Tess Holliday.

The haters came out full force when Tess recently posed for Cosmopolitan Magazine in a bathing suit. The Internet trolls immediately chimed in, saying that she was promoting obesity. Why couldn’t they have taken it for what it was, which was a beautiful plus-size model embracing who she is and showing the world that true beauty isn’t about the outer appearance of someone or something?

I’ll tell you why because society has a big problem with acceptance in general. And we wonder why topics like eating disorders, depression, and bullying, are such powerful hurdles to overcome in society? I applaud Ms. Tess Holiday for embracing herself with such authentic and fearlessness.

She doesn’t give a shit what the haters and Internet trolls think and that’s what makes her beautiful. I think it’s time we stop holding beauty to such an unrealistic standard. We have to start doing better if we want to see better for society and future generations to come.

As a society–as human beings we are better than this, I know we are. It is one thing if you simply don’t understand, but why hate or judge someone or something based on the surface? When did we stop being human beings filled with compassion and humility and so easily trading that in for malice and hate? This world needs to take a good hard look at itself and realize that what they proclaim they hate or disagree with so such certainty is not proving anything to anyone nor is it accomplishing a damn thing.

We cannot accomplish positive change for anything if we aren’t willing to lead with examples. We need to stop shaming people. You don’t know someone’s story, so when you get the opportunity to see a glimpse of it why not try learning and understanding where that person may be coming from instead of immediately accuse or judge something or someone because you’d rather be right.

Showing someone love, kindness and compassion cost nothing, and yet the reward, and ripple effect can and does a profound impact in a world that is in desperate need of it. Think of it as you’re writing a love note the world reminding the world that everyone embodies their own definition of beauty and perfection.

And it is more than okay to have a difference of opinion. What I believe society forgot is that an opinion is not based on wrong or right it is simply an opinion. Why act out in anger or hate simply because you think it’s wrong for someone to completely embrace who they are and love themselves for who they are? Why are we so quick to push personal agendas? I tell you why, because we can.

And while I am a very strong believer in freedom of speech, but freedom of speech was not meant to belittle, accuse, or shame anyone because you happen to think it’s glorifying something serious in nature. You want to talk glorification? That’s talk about how every time there is “backlash” on anything we instantly react by jumping on the popular side’s bandwagon. This world is in need of a reminder that unity in the name of love is much stronger than any kind of show hate can put on at any moment.

So, why don’t we stop and start asking ourselves, “what do I want my love note to the world to say”?

Featured Image via WeHeartIt.


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