The ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 15 Premiere Left Us Desperately Wanting More

The moment all die-hard “Grey’s Anatomy” fans were waiting for finally arrived: the Season 15 premiere. Season 14 ended with a truly Jolex wedding, goodbye to Arizona, and Teddy’s unexpected return from Germany. The teaser trailers barely peeled back the sheets on what to expect, leaving us filled with so many questions.

So, what burning questions get extinguished with the “Grey’s” premiere?

Mer & Deluca: So, thankfully that was just a dream! But, guys, Meredith is in desperate need of some love, and her dreams are practically screaming it!

Jolex: There’s lots of development with Alex & Jo’s futures in medicine within this episode, but the best news we get is that it looks like they are staying in Seattle (for now)!

Arizona & April: They are gone, guys. It wasn’t a fake out.

New Docs: We start to get some insight into the new hotties to enter Grey Sloan. Jury is still out if the eye candy is worth losing Arizona (I say no).

What are we still thirsty to know?

Chief Bailey: She’s still there, being indecisive. Is she really going to take a sabbatical or is this just another one of those twists to pull at us? The ending decision indicates that she’s going to take the time off from being “large and in charge,” but we’re all wondering how long that will last.

Teddy: Okay, so Shonda really plays us with this one. We see Teddy dramatically throw Owen out when he impulsively flies to her side towards the end of last season, yet here she is in the hospital. Teddy seems to rethink her plans when she sees Owen back with Amelia (again). Surely this wasn’t just a one episode short appearance, though?

Dr. Koracick: Why is he still here? We see him still hanging around, hitting on Mer (who shuts him down beautifully), but there’s literally no reason for him to still be at Grey Sloan. There must be something to this.

And, yes, there’s also some drama and people almost dying during the entire two hours. It wouldn’t be “Grey’s Anatomy” without doctors saving lives, after all. If you missed the episode, fear not! You can still stream it via ABC’s website, by using the ABC app, or on Hulu.

What were your favorite parts of last night’s episode? Got any fun predictions? What left you the most disappointed? Got some stream you need to let out to people who care about “Grey’s Anatomy” just as much as you? Talk to us! Share something in the comments or tag us on social media.

Feature Image via @greysabc via Instagram


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