7 Reasons Millennials Have Depressive Funks And How To Handle Them

When you’re in your twenties, sometimes, we make things a lot harder than how they need to be. Sure, they might be related to our mindset or our behaviours, or maybe it’s the pressures we put upon ourselves, But I know I’m not wrong when I say that being a millennial also means that we have a lot of depressive funks induced by a lot of anxiety for the present and the future.

To help target what could be causing these funks and how to help handle them, here are 7 reasons millennials find themselves in funks all the damn time.

You’re Comparing Yourself to Someone Else

Everyone has a different life. But when you’re young and trying to figure your life out, you often focus on comparing yourself to other people a lot more often than you think. Set the pace for yourself that will go at the speed that is meant for you. And don’t take the time to notice what other people are doing.

You’re Letting Your Degree Define Your Life

I know you spent a lot of money on getting that degree, but you do not have to use that as your description of yourself. Your diploma is a stepping stone to your future and only has your name on it. You are not limited to whatever the degree says on your diploma; chances are, you’ll probably not even end up working in that field and that’s totally okay.

You’re Pushing Your Dreams Aside For Someday

How many times have you had a dream you wanted to achieve but you felt so overwhelmed with the now that you tell yourself, “Someday I will do that.” Obviously, some dreams will take longer to achieve, but why do you have to stop yourself from planting the seeds and start helping the grow a little bit?

You’re Rejecting Change

Change is terrifying but it’s also inevitable. While we are so used to our comfort zones and the way things are. We panic when a slight change might inconvenience us and we grip onto the past and what used to be. Don’t exhaust yourself from fighting it, allow it to happen in baby steps and see how this could benefit you in the future.

You’re Settling Career-Wise

We’re young and we have bills to pay. So when we get a job to start combating our debt we would like to stick with it for safety purposes. But most of the time we aren’t happy. And we’re stuck settling in fear that we will never get a job. Sometimes it’s okay to do that temporarily, but we should be pushing ourselves to get into our dream field.

You’re Letting Toxic People Control Your Mood

It is so hard to stay positive and above everyone when you have that one person mentally manipulating your mood. It’s time to ditch that toxic person harshing your vibes so you can flourish. No sense in carrying around baggage you don’t need.

You’re Forgetting to Put Yourself First

Because you’re young, you’re too focused on pleasing everybody else and living up to their standard. You have got to stop living your life for other people and start making yourself a priority. At the end of the day you are the only person you will never lose. And it’s important to take care of that person the most.

There are plenty of other things I could have included to my list of why millennials get into these weird funks, such as: searching for your happily ever after, stressing about a house you already know you won’t afford, and working too hard while not playing enough. But that’s life. We’re too busy being all over the map to stop and appreciate things for how they are because we have to focus on the next thing to come our way. Try to make mini changes and you’ll notice a difference in terms of your awareness and happiness level, especially the last point.

How do you deal with depressive funks?

Featured image via Photo by Roberto Nickson (@g) on Unsplash


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