9 Things Only People Who Truly Love McDonald’s Will Understand

I love McDonald’s. It’s always there for you. Drive-thru when you’re in a rush, or 24/7 when you want to contemplate life at 3am with your McFlurry. If you feel the same way about our beloved McDs, here are 20 things you may be able to relate to.


  1. Supersize.
Too many people bring up the Supersize Me documentary with you upon their realization of just how much you love McDonald’s. If anything, the movie made you want to defend McDonald’s because of how freaking good it is. I never get small fries, always large– the bigger the better.
  1. You Feel That Your Friends Who Work There Hit The Jackpot
You have friends who have worked in the fast food industry, and while they complain about how often they ran into sassy middle schoolers, you cannot hide your amazement at how they got to work at one of your favorite places. In fact, when you’re upset, your close friends already know how to make you feel better by suggesting a trip to McDonald’s. Suddenly, all the tears are gone!

  1. You Can’t Drive Past McDonald’s Without Driving Thru
You still give your parents ‘the look’ when you’re in the car with them and you drive past a McDonalds. And if you had to choose between McDonald’s and any other fast-food place, people aren’t shocked that you don’t even hesitate and answer with McDonald’s.

  1. Fries.
You would never even think to steal somebody’s fries without asking because you know how much joy they bring to you and others. And on the topic of fries, you actually use McDonald’s as your standard and compare all fries to McDonald’s fries. (Because we all know those are the best ones.) And yes, I have definitely referred to people as “saltier than a McDonald’s fry.” . You would get a tattoo of “Fries Before Guys” but all of your friends are against it.

  1. Nuggets… So… Many… Nuggets…
People are in awe of how many chicken nuggets you can eat… I always get the 20 piece pack… the 6-pack should be considered the “side’s side”, in my opinion.

  1. McDonald’s = Bae
You have referred to Ronald McDonald as your “bae” to be quirky, fully knowing that if your future partner doesn’t like McDonald’s, it’s a potential deal-breaker. In fact, you’re raising your kids on McDonald’s.

  1. McDonalds: The Cultural Phenomenon
Whenever you travel, without a doubt, you will go to that country’s McDonalds at least once. One day, you hope to write an essay about just that… and also how the self-order machines have changed your life and the fast food industry and get it published.

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  1. McDonald’s Is More Photogenic Than You
You follow McDonald’s on every social media account, and you have taken a photo of your McDonald’s meal and put fancy filters on it, even though it doesn’t need a filter because it is beautiful as is.

  1. Every Mood is a McDonald’s Mood
Feeling blue? McDonald’s. Celebrating a promotion? It could be the coldest day of the year, and you will probably want a McFlurry to accompany your meal, and feel no shame.


I can confidently say that McDonald’s is one of the best things that has happened to our society. Like anything, it can have its cons (ice cream machine…), but for me, the pros outweigh the cons. In fact, some of my best memories and loudest laughs have happened in a McDonald’s. I have definitely cried tears of happiness at McDonald’s. Even the smell brings you happiness. Thank you, Ronald.
Originally published on Thought Catalog.

Photo by Tanner Larson on Unsplash


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