7 Thoughts We’ve All Had Listening To Friends Talk About Sh*tty Men

I’ll be the first to admit that most of my friends come to me with their boy problems whether I want them to or not. I know I’m not alone with this frustration. How could they be so silly, did they not see the signs, do they remember crying about this, why!? So many questions go through our minds, yet we have to put on a brave face for them and pretend it’s great that she is talking to her horrible ex again.

Here are 7 reactions we’ve all had when our best friends talk about getting back with an ex we don’t like:

When she says she’ll give him a second chance

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Chances are you already don’t like the boy your bestie is seeing after the first time they tried dating, so after all of the heart break and long conversations about this idiot, why do you have to get invested in him again? It’s beyond frustrating.

When they talk about how he’ll eventually realize he was wrong and come back

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Most of the time, if a man is coming back to you after a break up, it’s because he knows he can manipulate you into getting into bed with him again. So if he miraculously comes back admitting he was wrong and trying to act like Superman, you know something’s up. And of course your best friend is  fooled by his actions and is totally eating it up. How can love be so blind?

When they tell you about how he cheated or treated her horrible

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The moment you hear those words come out of her mouth, every single red flag is raised high in your brain and you will never be able to look at him the same again. You can’t find this out and then pretend to be nice to him when she wants to take him back. You’ll never forget that, ever.

When they tell you how they started hooking up again

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You know she’s probably not the only girl in his life, and you know you can’t say anything because you’ve more than likely hooked up with an ex after a breakup. But all you can do is accept it and wish her the best. You also hope to God she doesn’t get impregnated by this buffoon.

When she gets mad because you were brutally honest with her about the whole situation

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A lot of the time when our friends come to us with their dating problems they just want to vent or need validation that what they are doing is right. But sometimes it’s hard to kiss your friends ass and make it seem like what they are doing is okay when it’s totally wrong. Arguments will blow, but it’ll be over soon.

When an outsider tries to interfere with your advice

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Sometimes other friends will try to get in between your conversation and try to take your friends side, but sadly they don’t see or know all the additional difficulties your friend has experienced because of this guy.

When she still talks about him all the time even though she says she’s done with him

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You get that she’s excited to be in love again, or whatever you want to call it, but how they can just pretend nothing ever happened and expect for you to do the same? You have already heard so much about this idiot, why should you suffer and continue to keep becoming super involved when you really don’t care?

Some might argue and say that if you can’t support your best friends dating decisions, or any decisions, that you are not being a good friend. But it can be very difficult to act engaged and involved in something you can’t support. So in the end, you just continue to listen to her problems, give the odd piece or advice, roll your eyes and vent about it behind her back because you are just so annoyed. We’ve all been there with our friends at one point or another.

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