In Hopes of Protecting Female Users, Tinder Introduces ‘My Move’

For the last few years, there hasn’t really been any changes in dating apps. One of the most beloved dating apps, Tinder, is now testing an exclusive new feature only available to women: ‘My Move.’

‘My Move’ will allow female users to decide whether they want to be the one to start the conversation when matched with a man. Their goal is to make women feel more secure when using dating apps and avoid harassing comments, crude messages, or other uncomfortable things.

The trial of ‘My Move’ has already started in India, and is expected to transition to the rest of the world eventually for testing, or permanently if the initial feedback is positive.

Taru Kapoor, general manager for Tinder owner Match Group said, “We are a platform based on mutual respect, consent, and choice. [Users] can shape their own destiny, connect with people they feel comfortable with and at all points of time feel in control. Our users have the autonomy, especially women have the autonomy, on how to be engaged, to be empowered, to control their experience.”

Why did Tinder select India as the area for initial testing?

Speculation connects it to the country’s “rape epidemic.” Official figures state that there are around 40,000 cases of rape in India every year. The country even recently launched a sex offender registration to help tackle the issue. People suggested that this would be an effective area to help see a change in sexual abuse or harassment.

This new feature is also creating a lot of buzz online.

Many male users don’t understand how often women get harassed on dating apps. Women are praising Tinder for their efforts, though.

Tinder may be newly implementing this feature, but the concept is not completely new to the dating app world.

Bumble has been using that technique since launching in December of 2014 by Tinder co-founder Whitney Wolfe Herd. That’s technically the whole appeal to Bumble, aside from the time frame to send initial messages to your matches.

While I applaud Tinder for creating a safer alternative for women that will probably help decrease harassment, it’s a little disappointing because this technique has already been done.

I consider Bumble to be a feminist-friendly app because of it’s focus on female users and enforcement of safety.

Wolfe Herd created Bumble after leaving Tinder and suing the company for sexual discrimination and harassment. This tactic seems like an attempt to copy her individual success outside of her initial dream-project or revenge.

I’m also skeptical as to how accurate this feature will be. Most young women know, men (and women) can fabricate who they are and create elaborate versions of themselves to lure in women and manipulate them. The image people portray may not match the intentions they really have. So, what happens when someone lies in messages and does the unthinkable in real life? There’s not much prevention a company can control.

This news would have been so much more groundbreaking if it had a function that would actually track women while they were on dates. Tracking could ensure safety if something goes wrong on dates. Imagine if women could press a button to contact law enforcement if an issue arises. Now that would be a wonderful thing.

If ‘My Move’ is successful, it will definitely help limit harassment.

Tinder is arguably the most-used and most-known dating app in the world, especially for millennials. This will help prevent more users from harm.

In addition to this function, Tinder allows you to “unmatch” and state a reason for your decision. Users can also report people for misconduct and have them permanently removed from the app. These measures help prevent other individuals from experiencing unfair treatment.

Whether you approve of “My Move” or not, at least be appreciative women’s safety matters enough for evoking change.

I’ll always swipe right to that!

Featured Image via We Heart It


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