REVOLVE Is In Serious Hot Water After Releasing A ‘Fat Shaming’ Sweatshirt

“Being fat isn’t beautiful, it’s an excuse,” reads the sweatshirt. The sweatshirt hangs off a thin model, and these words sprawl across it. REVOLVE, the company behind this controversial sweatshirt, has commented on its message, saying that it was part of an anti-cyber bullying campaign. REVOLVE claims that the sweatshirts were actual comments online trolls made to celebrities. However, this fat-shaming message isn’t what any of these celebrities signed up for.

This sweatshirt does far more harm than good, and of course, it resulted in a social media outcry.

There are much better ways to send an anti-cyber bullying message than to sweatshirt-shame plus-sized people. What about people who struggle with body dysmorphia? What about people with medical issues that affect their weight and appearance? This sweatshirt isn’t positive in any way; it is downright shameful.

Although the sweatshirt’s message was a comment someone said to a celebrity, with a tiny font, no one can read. If the words “As said to” were larger, that would be one thing. The fact that REVOLVE made that part of the print so tiny makes the sweatshirt look like it’s meant to be shameful, though.

Plus-sized model Tess Holliday first spoke out about the sweatshirt via social media. She called REVOLVE a “mess” and derided them for only carrying sizes up to an extra large. How can REVOLVE claim to empower plus-sized women if those women can’t even wear the top?

Since the outcry, REVOLVE has pulled this shirt from the market, but it has already made its mark to the masses via social media.

Many people are unhappy with the message this hotly-debated piece of apparel sends. REVOLVE has said that they were going to donate the sweatshirt’s proceeds to “Girls Write Now” an organization that encourages female writers. They still plan on donating profits to the worthy cause, even without the sweatshirt available for sale.

Cyber bullying has been a prevalent issue a while now, but cyber bullying awareness was no excuse to make this fat-shaming sweatshirt. It seems that REVOLVE is making excuses for their shameful behavior and now, trying to cover their controversial actions with their charitable donation. I hope this company truly realizes how much their actions have harmed plus-sized women everywhere.

What should this sweatshirt really say? How do you think REVOLVE should have handled this situation? Let us know in the comments!

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