5 Steps To Surviving The Lull That Comes After A Winning Streak

As much as we may moan about stepping in dog poo or forgetting our umbrella when it rains, life can go pretty well sometimes. In fact, in odd pockets of our existence, things do go very well. We all have times where we’re working hard, making progress, and things end up going better than we planned. In those moments, we’re excited for the future and hopeful that things will always be this good. Our book sales will continue to grow, our businesses will attract even more attention on social media, and our adorable kitten pictures will get all the shares.

A few weeks pass, and everything is looking up. Our Etsy orders have been fantastic, and we can’t see any rainy days ahead. But then, life starts to plateau. Things aren’t improving, but they’re not falling either; they’re staying the same. The numbers, the dollars, the sales grow stagnant; as though they’ve hit an invisible glass ceiling with no room to rise.

So, what happened?

Was it something you did or said online? Did someone circulate an embarrassing picture of you from your teens, so now your customers think you’re a dork?

No, it’s none of those things (phew!). In business, as in life, things aren’t always going to improve. From time to time, life levels out (or sometimes even tanks), leaving us to wonder how on Earth we cope with what just happened and not allow it to affect our self-worth.

Did somebody ask for a helpful how-to list? Good news, I’ve got one for you! Here are my tips on how to survive a lull after a winning streak.

Accept That Losing Is Inevitable

First off, we have to accept that these times happen to everyone. Even Richard Branson has his “off days.” Plateauing is not just normal; it’s inevitable. We aren’t giant failures for experiencing lulls in our successes, even if that’s how we feel. Coming to terms with the inevitable isn’t easy, and we might even feel as though we are giving up in some way if we do. Honestly, though, losing is just another part of our journey. Sometimes in life, we end up with rocky roads instead of smooth sailing, and that’s completely OK.

Use Your Losses To Innovate

Our dips in productivity often serve as the best reminders that we need to “up the ante” in both business and life. Change is a tried-and-true way to improve. When we get inventive and shake things up, we have the potential to turn this lull into an opportunity to reach even greater heights.

Use Your Struggles To Stay Humble

Success often goes straight to our heads. It’s natural; we’re human. These dips in life are important reminders to stay humble. We aren’t invincible, and we aren’t always the most important thing in the world. When so many people are following our progress, liking our posts, or buying our products, it’s easy to feel like a celebrity. Use that next lull to be grateful for how far you’ve come.

Use Your Lull To Persevere

Life’s little (or big) troughs are the times when it’s easiest to simply give up. Many people quit when they hit tough times, fearing their potential downward spiral. But battling through these low times doesn’t just build character; it proves that our dreams truly reside in our minds and hearts, and we won’t let life take us down easily.

Have Faith

Times are tough, and they might get tougher, but with a little faith in yourself or a higher power, you will start to make headway again. Lulls don’t last forever, either. These low points start to dissipate eventually. It just takes time, effort, and a little faith to wait out the storm.

Plateaus are the last things we want to deal with, but they’re coming for us, whether we like it or not. Ride them out, and weather the storm. Emerge to the other side soaking wet, but proud and ready for whatever comes your way next.

Photo by Jack Antal on Unsplash


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