5 Street Style Trends From NYFW That We’re Obsessed With

New York Fashion Week is an all-encompassing period where people on the scene get to show off their style. The designers and attendees set the mood for the following season. So, if you are looking for inspiration, NYFW is the place to be. With the likes of Tom Ford, Jeremy Scott and Rachel Zoe taking over the runways, New York is the backdrop for alumni and newcomers alike. Check out the top street style looks we will be seeing this week:

Soft Hues

Switch out your typical all-black look for something deliciously girly. I know, it sounds absurd, but it will feel exhilarating to be separated from the sea of neutral colors.

Feelin’ Leggy

Legs. For. Days. Limbs have been popping up everywhere, even in dreary weather. Haven’t you heard? Fashion is pain.

Vintage Vixens

Fendi. Coach. Gucci. Versace. Prada. It’s like they threw up all over the fashionistas of New York City, but like, in a good way.

Animal (rawr)

You own something leopard in your closet that you thought you’d never wear again. Guess what? It’s time to put it on.

Floral Fantasy

I’m not even going to quote The Devil Wears Prada, because you’re already thinking it.

With new seasons just around the corner, we cannot WAIT to try out these new trends. You can catch us rocking logos galore and maybe even some snake print. What street style look are you dying to try out? Catch you in Milan for Fashion Week!

Featured image via Steph Weizman


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