What We Can Learn From Jenna & Jordan’s ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Relationship

Jenna and Jordan were my favorite couple on “Bachelor In Paradise” this season.

They just seemed to click. They really seemed like they were meant to be together, and they cared about each other. It was like a match made in Heaven, and everyone thought so. They were such a great couple and were one of three couples that made it to the end. Jenna and Jordan ended up getting engaged and, on the live after-show, even announced the date of their wedding. They both still seemed incredibly happy and very much still together. It was a sweet story.

But then, sources revealed that one of them had been unfaithful.

Jenna had only been in the relationship to further her career. She never loved Jordan at all and never even wanted to be in a relationship with him. It turns out that Jenna was already in a relationship, and she went on the show to make a name for herself and grow her business. It’s heartbreaking to discover that love was never in the air for one of our favorite “Bachelor In Paradise” couples.

The man Jenna Cooper has been dating sent out the text messages she had been sending him. They say things like “I don’t really love him,” and “I’m just doing this to grow my business.” At first, people were skeptical because texts can be photoshopped, and people spread these types of rumors about reality TV shows all the time. However, this particular piece of gossip has been confirmed. It is true that Jenna was only using her relationship with Jordan to boost her business.

The sad thing is, Jenna and Jordan seemed so happy together.

Jordan was madly in love with Jenna, and she just played along with it. This shows that when a relationship ends, you can never assume that it’s the guy’s fault. In the case, it was the girl’s issue. Jenna had been unfaithful, and what she did was nothing short of terrible. Jordan deserves true love and happiness, and I know how broken and lost he must feel.

On this season of “Bachelor In Paradise,” Jordan was the most vulnerable we have ever seen him. He really put himself and his love out there, and it is shocking to see that Jenna had been cheating on him the whole time. Everyone deserves to be with someone who truly loves them and who is in the relationship for the right reasons. It’s risky to go on a show like this and really let your guard down. Jordan was, and is, extremely brave, and my heart is with him during this time.

Jordan himself let everyone know in a recent Instagram post that he has removed himself from this relationship. Leaving Jenna was obviously the best decision for him, but that doesn’t make it any easier. His strength in the face of this heartbreak is incredible and positively shows his true character. Even after what Jenna put him through, Jordan is still trying to understand, saying, “I’ll be taking time to pursue inner peace, and she will always have me to talk to.” That level of kindness and acceptance is strength I have never known.

I didn’t want to believe that Jenna’s cheating was real.

But once it was confirmed, I was instantly heartbroken, and I know many others were as well. Cheating happens, though, and it shows that no one is perfect and no relationship is faultless. I hope that both Jordan and Jenna learn from this experience, and I hope that as “Bachelor” fans, we can learn from this heartbreak as well. Nothing is perfect, even on TV. Jenna’s cheating scandal was a tragic end to a seemingly perfect relationship. There is no explanation for why infidelity happens, but this scandal just shows that we can’t always be so quick to blame the guy for a relationship failing. In this case, Jordan did nothing wrong.

My heart is forever with Jordan, and I hope he finds peace.

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