What You Missed On ‘American Horror Story’ Last Night

We’ve all been waiting for it, and it’s finally here, “American Horror Story Season 8: Apocalypse.”

The trailer itself made this season of “American Horror Story” look absolutely terrifying. If you’ve been following the series up until this point, you know that each season has a different theme with the same actors and actresses, but they all play new and different characters. This season appears to be the most horrifying of them all with zombies, people trapped in a house, prayers to Satan, and who even knows what else!

Are you really ready for this? If you were as excited about this premier as I was, then you should be thrilled to know that it’s out, it’s ready, and it’s… chilling.

Sarah Paulsen delivers a stellar performance as Miss Venable. And, Kathy Bates? Needless to say, terrifying as always. They both take over the show and create a terrifying atmosphere for the viewers.

The episode starts out with nuclear missile threats… and they’re real. There’s no turning back on this. Then Timothy was kidnapped and brought to Sector Three, a place where we believe he would survive. There are several other people in this sector: the “elite,” the ones that were chosen to survive.

It quickly becomes a personal hell for all of them, as they slowly die inside and lose their personalities one by one. 

The rules are no copulating without permission and no leaving the “safe haven” they have been granted. Soon after, they are told there is a spike in the room: something unclean. They quickly wash down two of the men. One is deemed “clean,” the other “dirty.” The “dirty” one is then shot in the head. They start losing their minds after eighteen months of being inside the sector, no surprise there. 

Later that evening, they are served a hot meal as a “treat.” One says that they cannot be bribed with the hot meal, and, behold, they find human remains in the meal. Finger bones and teeth. Only one of the characters can stomach it, the rest only eat for survival. Later, over a game of cards, two women talk and admit that they take joy in torturing the people in the sector.

Near the end, a man named Michael Langdon comes to tell Miss Venable that some of the other sectors have been destroyed and the remaining ones are sure to be destroyed within mere months. He can take them all or he can leave them. The episode ends on a cliffhanger, and we’re all wondering who will be deemed worthy to enter his sanctuary and survive for the next six months, or who will end up like his horses… shot outside.

What will happen next on “American Horror Story?”

We’ll have to wait until the next episode to find out, but the performances are sure to be mind blowing. What was the best part of last night’s episode? Do you have predictions on what happens next? Share your thoughts with us!

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