Music Alert: GTFO Is Mariah Carey’s Hot, New ‘Boy, Bye’ Anthem

Mariah Carey incessantly hinted at her latest musical project on Instagram.

When it comes to Mariah and the studio, the Lambs are extremely excited. Triumphant performances of Vision of Love and Hero on 2017 Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve marked her big return to mainstream music. From releasing highlights of her new Las Vegas residency, The Butterfly Returns, to naming her as one of the most anticipated musical acts in 2018, the media has never slept on Mariah. The music industry lacks a fresh, new sound, but the songbird supreme saves the day with an opener from #MC15.

GTFO, an intricately easy, mid-tempo R&B song, declares Carey’s freedom from her aggravating lover.

Her obsession with the man’s charm in the beginning of their relationship turns to disenchantment after he reveals his ingratitude. Though her lover has permanently wrecked her broken heart, Mariah has some bold words for her former darling, telling him “I ain’t tryna be rude, but you’re lucky.”

This song somewhat resembles Mariah’s #1 hit, Don’t Forget About Us. 

Still, GTFO stands out with its own 2018-era presentation. The song features euphonious electronic touch, beats, and sentimental energy, thanks to Mariah’s signature, breathy vocals. 

Produced by Nineteen85 (Drake’s One Dance, Hotline Bling, and Hold On, We’re Going Home), this track teases a romantic wrap-up in sultry and sophisticated way. “Goodbye, my lover” is circulates through “How about you get the f*ck out?” before Carey continues warbling “How about you take your things and be on your merry way?/Fly off with a wink, bye bye, baby/How about you ‘scuse me, baby let me call your valet/You just take your things and be on your merry way.”

Despite being a brilliant introduction to Mariah Carey’s upcoming LP, GTFO is just a hors d’oeuvre to her incredible musical endeavors. The first actual single off Mariah’s 15th studio album, With You, will drop on October 5. Before this new era genuinely begins, this sweetener seems like what every music playlist needs right now.

Carey has brought so much heart into the music industry.

Her creative mind and agile delivery to broad audiences has been setting the bar for almost 30 years. Her existence will always be relevant. She will never be duplicated.

Mariah, who’s gonna take your place? There ain’t nobody better!

Featured Image via mariahcarey


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