10 Creative Ways To Make Your Outdated Clothes Trendy Again

Honestly, what mid-20-year-old isn’t living the poor life right now? Unfortunately, living on a tight budget means you can’t go out and purchase new clothes as often as you’d like. (Because who doesn’t love new clothes?) This leaves us with thrift stores, which we can sometimes find really great items in, but other times not to much. However, there is usually a way you can redo a thrift store item into an outfit that looks dayuuummmm good. Check out these ten pics for some inspiration!

  1. An oversized gym shirt to a breezy crop top? Yes please!

  1. Those grandma dresses really can be beautiful again!

  1. The skirt life is the best life! So say goodbye to that yucky old dress.

  1. From bland summer dress to summer babe! I love this one!

  1. Off the shoulder anything is always okay.

  1. Hellloooooooo red!

  1. Who woulda’ thought you could do this with your dads pants?!

  1. Sometimes you just need to cut it shorter and distress it a bit! It totally looks like a different skirt.

  1. All those thrift store button ups can actually be worn!

  1. Ripped jeans should be half price right? No? Bad joke? Well, do it yourself then!

And there you have it! A few simple ways you can upcycle your thrifted or old clothes! There are no sew options to for those of us who can’t handle a needle and thread. Good luck and enjoy getting creative!

Feature image via YouTube

Originally published on Hubpages.


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