4 Simple Ways To Show Gratitude & Make A Positive Difference Every Day

Call me old fashioned, but I strongly believe that showing gratitude helps make yourself and other people happy. Not only has it been proven to do so by multiple studies (seriously, Google it, you’ll be amazed by what comes up), but you can actually feel the difference in yourself mentally when you express it and receive it.

I also believe that showing gratitude is slowly dying. Think about all of the times you have bent over backwards at your job and received barely even a thank you or word of good encouragement. Think about the times you gifted someone something at a baby or bridal shower or even a wedding where you never received a thank you card afterwards. (I actually find that so rude when people don’t, but that’s just me.)

Write a Handwritten Letter For a Coworker

Whether it’s your boss or someone who has been helping you a lot lately carry your workload or mentoring you, providing a little thank you note is something so simple to show your appreciation. It means that their hard work and helpfulness isn’t going unnoticed by you and helps give them the pat on the back they deserve. It’s a subtle gesture that makes an impactful difference in the workplace and is something that never goes unappreciated.

Say Thank You and Mean It

A lot of the time when we say ”thank you” we are often saying to be polite. You know, like that quick “thanks” we give after someone gives us an answer so we can go on about our task. It’s very rare we genuinely take the tie to face that person and genuinely thank them for their help.

Write a Note to Someone You Love

In our personal lives outside of the workplace and large friend circles, we often forget to really be vulnerable with those we deeply care for. Those are the ones who bend over backwards for us, stay up late to let us finish a conversation, comfort us when we need it and give us the pep talk we desperately need sometimes, and they’re the ones who don’t get to hear how much we appreciate them even though they deserve it. Take the time and hide a note telling them how thankful you are for them for them to find. I promise this will make you both feel amazing and loved.

Keep a Gratitude Journal

During our busy days we often forget to take advantage of all of the wonderful things that have happened or that we have. We don’t have time to be appreciative for the good because we’re too busy dwelling and reflecting on the negative. I’ve begun keeping a notebook next to my bed and each night before bed I write a list of 10 things that happened during the day that made me happy or that I’m thankful for. They can’t be generic things like good health or family; you have to be specific, like “I had a really good cup of coffee that put me in a good mood, the weather made me feel so uplifted today despite the overcast sky and approaching fall weather.” Things like that.

It’s disappointing that showing gratitude or saying a genuine “thank you” isn’t second nature for a lot of people and that it’s kind of fading. Positivity and gratitude often cause a chain reaction and continual pattern. Be the person to start it and encourage these kind expressions of appreciation, what goes around comes around and you get what you give.

So the next time you see someone having a bad day, whether it be a friend, an enemy or a stranger, go out of your way and show them you are thankful.

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  1. Hi Brittany,

    For 17 years I own a 42 person technology company. I would often intend to show appreciation and gratitude, however, regrettably, I rarely did. Not because I lacked the intent but because I felt like I lacked the time. I was always pulled in so many direction and my to-do list was so long that I felt like I didn’t have time to do those types of things.

    The hard part is that the people who need to show appreciation and gratitude that most are the very people who have least amount of time to do it.

    After I sold my technology company, my wife and I set out to solve the problem together so more busy people would show their appreciation and gratitude to others. We created a service call The Gift Goose which makes appreciation gifts incredible simple for busy people. Thought you might find it interesting. 🙂


    Ryan Williams
    The Gift Goose


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