The Moment You Realize You’ve Drank Too Much Coffee

Coffee is one of those simple morning (or anytime) pleasures that many of us feel we simply can’t go without. Each coffee drinker has their limit on how much they can handle, though. There’s that moment after drinking a certain amount of coffee drinking that’s safe, comfortable, and will help us wake up a little bit… but  there’s also that moment when we’ve just had too much.

You may have drunk too much coffee because you were working on that paper that was due tomorrow or you had to stay at work extra late, and you felt like you couldn’t get up in the morning. Drinking that cup of Joe felt like a relief at first, but now you know what happens when you have too much of a good thing. It starts with the jitters; you’re shaking and there’s no way to turn them off. Nothing you do can calm down your shaking hands.

Then, your entire body feels as though it’s quivering.

You start to lose focus on what your work because literally everything seems so fascinating. There’s this other web page that’s semi-similar to what you were reading  not quite what you need, but you just have to read it. At least while your hands are shaking so much, maybe you can read that funny listicle through your blurred vision? Speaking of… when was the last time you were at the optometrist? No, no, stop that! You’ve got to finish the original thing you started.

Suddenly, you’re sweating, and there’s a warm feeling all over your body. You’re shaking, you’re sweating, your vision is blurred, and now, you feel nauseated. Oh, no. None of this is good. You can’t focus on anything else except how drinking all that coffee made you feel.

Maybe, you overdid it, at least a little bit. Now, there’s this weird feeling in the pit of your stomach. Could this be what anxiety feels like? I think this is how anxiety feels, isn’t it? Oh, dear, there’s so much anxiety. What’s going on? Why do I feel like this? Coffee, I thought we were friends!

Why is this happening, why is this happening, why is this happening?

Your focus is now completely gone, and all you feel are these negative side effects of drinking too much coffee. It’s horrid, it’s disgusting, and saying that you feel awful would be an understatement at best. You find yourself accomplishing nothing, except maybe vaguely scanning through pages, not really absorbing anything. How can anyone expect you to accomplish anything when you’ve drunk this much coffee? It wasn’t even that much; you’ve seen people drink way more than this and still be functional.

Everyone is different, though. Every single person has a different caffeine tolerance, and that’s something worth remembering. It’s different when you pace yourself and drink casually throughout the day. Was drinking all of the coffee at once really worth it? The resounding answer?

No, it wasn’t worth it.

Coffee can be wonderful and an excellent treat. But, in any case, too much of a good thing can eventually take a negative turn. Don’t rely on coffee to get you through the day. Don’t rely on it to get you through every twist and turn in life. Don’t rely on it to get through every little moment that you think you can’t handle.

Photo via Gilmore Girls



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