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A Study Reveals What Makes The Most Successful Dating App Bios

Have you ever wondered how to create a dating app bio that brings in the matches?

Maybe, your profile is picture-perfect, but your “about me” section simply isn’t packing a punch. Perhaps, you just can’t find the right words to draw in a potential partner, or your witty “review” bio is getting a one-star rating.

Let’s face it: We’ve never been good at writing about ourselves.

Thankfully, the dating app “Badoo” has delved into their user database to reveal the top ten words to include in your bio that will guarantee a right-swipe. They have sourced the information from the bios of their most successful members to determine frequently-used words.  

Although gym and music appeared in both lists, words varied between male and female users. Results show that men are likely to gain a swipe-right if their bios contain the words “6’” [6 ft.] and “car,” while female users are favored if their bios include the words “drink” and “beer.”

According to Badoo’s findings, the top words on men’s bios are:

  • 6’
  • Family
  • Dogs
  • Dinner
  • Beard
  • Travel
  • Music
  • Relationship
  • Gym
  • Car

Whereas the top words on women’s bios are:

  • Love
  • Drink
  • Music
  • LOL
  • Gym
  • Coffee
  • Blue Eyes
  • 🙂
  • Beer
  • Foodie

Badoo’s findings also show that 87 percent of users swipe-right if a person’s bio is funny, as it promotes the person’s true personality. Short,  snappy “about me” sections also gain a higher success rate, with data showing that users favor bios up to 20 words in length over longer paragraphs.    

“I would encourage you not to be afraid to write about something that is specific to you, such as your favorite film director or least favorite pasta dish. These sorts of things will help you to stand out and can often add a touch of humor,” says Badoo’s in-house dating expert, Claire Stott.

“It is also a good idea to include what you are looking for and any potential deal breakers, such as height, to prevent awkwardness later on,” she elaborates.

Now that the experts have spoken, it’s time to give our bios a makeover and watch those matches roll in.

I personally haven’t had a chance to try Badoo yet, but I would like to know from readers if this actually worked for you guys. I would love to know your experiences with this dating app. Please comment and share your stories below! I would love to hear from you!

Featured image via Austin Distel on Unsplash



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