Why Your Summer Fling Won’t Last Into The Fall

Can “Summer Lovin’” last into the fall?

I used to ask my myself that question every summer I was single. My friends would involve themselves with “special someones” and date them throughout the summertime as a summer fling.  

I would often wonder if their summer flings would last and grow into something more in the fall. I was curious about how somebody could be in a relationship for the whole summer. After all, in the summertime, everything changes, especially when you are young.

Each summer, you tend to notice the little things that change about people, like their height, their interests, or their direction in life. Summer is a time to grow, try new things, and reflect on your experiences.

But, can a summer fling really last into the fall?

In my honest opinion, whether or not a fling lasts depends on where the two individuals plan on going in life. For any relationship to work, you and your partner have to see eye-to-eye on what you both want out of the relationship and of life, too.    

I would know whether or not summer flings can last because, when I was a junior in high school and went on vacation to the Bahamas, I met a young man. We were both staying at a resort with a club for young teenagers. While we were in the club, he was the first one to dance with me, and it felt just like a summer fling. He was a charming young man who was from Pennsylvania and played football for his local college, where he was a freshman. The fact that he was in college was a plus for me, since back then, seeing a college guy was a big deal.   

We wrote down each others’ emails so we could keep in touch. Over the summer, we corresponded through email, but I soon realized that things weren’t going to work between us.

A lot of things changed in both our lives from the time we met to the point in the summer when we started to talk. For example, he would go out, party, and live the college life. Meanwhile, I still worried about getting through my junior year of high school.    

Although he liked me for me, his friends accepted me, and we got along well, I realized that our relationship wasn’t going to work past summertime. I emailed him and told him how I felt, but he hasn’t contacted me since.

That summer, I learned that I don’t like having a “summer fling.”

“Summer flings” are exciting in the beginning, and you’re living in somewhat of a fairy tale because the relationship is brand-new. Once you go back home and fall begins, though, you go back to your life, and the magic of your summer romance is gone. Your focus shifts, and your desire to see or hear from your summer fling fades away.

So, could a summer fling last into the fall? Most likely, it won’t, because people start to change paths in life and their focus changes. You both meet new people, you grow, you change, and you eventually drift apart.

Featured Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash.


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