Put Down Your Phone And Celebrate National Read A Book Day

While we may be unable to find the origin, we celebrate National Read A Book Day on September 6th. It’s inviting, it’s warm, it’s something that we should all celebrate. We should read to our friends, our family, our pets, anything that will listen to us read the book.

While some of us lucky folk enjoy a book every single day, some people don’t have that luxury. If you know someone who has difficulty reading, read to with them. Children need help, people with disorders need help, sometimes the elderly need help. If you take the time to read a book with them it can create a bond and smiles.

When I read a book I go on an adventure. I go to some other world where things can be tragic, magical,or whatever I want. When I go into a book I can create a world where things are whatever I want them to be. I can sink into the words of the author, see what they’re seeing and I can make myself the character. I can make myself into what the character wants to be. I can feel what the character is feeling.

For me, Read A Book Day is every day. Taking someone else on this journey with me would be wonderful. Taking someone else on this journey with me would be involving them in this adventure, this special place that my mind always goes to when I think about everything. Taking someone, anyone on this adventure with me would make things just a little more special between that person and I. We could adventure together–not in a romantic sense, but the friendship, the relationship building would be wonderful.

Even if I read a book myself it feels like I’m building a stronger relationship with myself. I’m building a strong relationship with these characters. I’m building a strong relationship because I let myself feel everything that the character feels. I’m feeling everything that everyone in the universe of the book is feeling. Sometimes I’ll go into this character and I’ll never want to leave. I’ll feel their feelings, and when the book is over I won’t want to leave it. I’ll want to stay in that magical, tragic, dramatic, beautiful world forever–whatever it may be.

Whatever kind of book you choose–the person that wrote it likely poured their heart and soul into it. They poured their excitement, pain, anger, happiness, joy, love and experiences into it. Not every book is for everyone- not every book is going to be everyone’s cup of tea but I guarantee that there is a book for everyone. There’s something that everyone is going to enjoy.

Just bring them with you. Bring someone with you into something that you enjoy. If you can’t find someone to bring with you, then take yourself. Take yourself into a mystical world where you can be yourself. Where you can love yourself and the character that you’re allowing yourself to be. Allow yourself to sink into the book and just be the person, just be the character. Allow yourself to fall in love with the characters in the book and when it’s over, allow yourself to love the author. Allow yourself to love who the author has let you become.

National Read A Book Day on September 6th could be beneficial for everyone. Whether you’re reading to them or just finding something that you know that they would enjoy and reading alongside them. Dedicate this special day to a book that you love. It’ll quickly become one of your favorite holidays.

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