How To Stay Sane When Dealing With Awful Coworkers

You wake in the morning, struggling to find the motivation to get up and get ready for work.. You struggle because it’s the only place you know that you’ll see those people. Yes, I mean your co-workers.

In some work environments, having co-workers is an amazing deal — everyone pulls their weight, people are courteous, they get their work done, and at the end of the day, there’s nothing to dread. There’s nothing wrong, and you go home, maybe even looking forward to coming back tomorrow.

Then, there is the other kind of co-workers. They’re lazy, they talk trash every time someone leaves the room (or maybe even when they’re still in the room), they’re rude, they never get anything done, it feels like you’re pulling all the weight, and there’s no way to describe them except  awful. This is exactly why you’re to force yourself to go to work in the morning. If there wasn’t a paycheck involved, there would be no question; you would never set foot in that place again.

Getting to work and dealing with your unpleasant co-workers may be one of your hardest endeavors of the day. You may think to yourself: Why is this happening? What on earth could I have possibly done to deserve working with people like this?

Nothing. No one deserves to have awful co-workers, but there are ways that you can put up with them and get through the work day. Kill them with kindness. It may be tempting to take on their ways, not get the work done, be rude back, and talk trash about them. Don’t. When you show that you’re above that petty behavior, they may try to tear you down. Hold your head up, no matter what.

Remember why you’re at that workplace. Chances are, you’re not at the job because of its wonderful social opportunities. You’re at the job because you need it. It may even be something that you would enjoy if it weren’t for the coworkers. It may be something that you have a true passion for. If you let your co-workers rip you down, though, you’ll never really know.

Hold onto your morals and pull your own weight. Look at what you need to do, and get it done to the best of your ability. If you’re part of a team, as difficult as it may be, carry the whole group. Do the work.  Don’t let anyone else take credit for your work. Make sure your bosses know that you did the work and that you’re proud of what you’ve accomplished.

Don’t let nasty attitudes bring you down, either. Easier said than done, right? If your supervisor allows it, bring headphones to work and listen to your favorite music. Music can influence your mood, and it can give you that extra push of motivation to make it through the day.

Self-affirmation helps, too. Remember why you are at work, what you’re doing, and why you took that job in the first place. Remind yourself that you’re a rockstar and you’re there to do this job well. Set motivational notes as your phone background if you need to — there’s no shame in that.

If things are horrible enough, try talking to a higher-up as a last resort. Make sure that they know what is going on. In some places, they may be unaware of just how poor circumstances can be in particular areas. There’s also the option to look for a similar job in a different field. Co-workers are going to be different at every location — but also remember that work is only one part of your day.

Self-care when you get home is important. Take care of yourself when you’re not at work. Don’t take the negativity from work home with you. Listen to music, meditate, take a bath, whatever you have to do to calm your nerves.

Remember these tips to help you manage dealing with horrible co-workers, but never let them bring you down. Remember that no matter what,  you’re a rockstar. Your work and time is valuable. Your workplace is lucky to have you there.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


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