This Study Shows That Eating Carbs Can Lead To Living Longer

Eating pasta and carbs alike can help you live a longer life. Experts found that low carb-diets (such as the popular Atkins) increases the risk of dying at a younger age, according to a new study from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

Scientists say people who eat a “moderate” amount of carbs can expect to live at least four years longer, suggesting 50-55% of calories from carbohydrates that can often be found in potatoes, pasta and bread are the reason behind successful longevity.

To prove their point, scientists from the hospital analyzed data on 432,179 people. They found people who ate fewer carbs had a 20% higher risk of premature death, while those who ate more than the recommended amount of carbs had a 23% higher risk.

The difference isn’t that drastic, but I’ll take every chance I can to eat carbs and not feel bad about it. Living longer is just an added bonus!

Low-carb diets usually consist of a lower intake of healthy fruit, vegetables and grains, but having more meat. This type of diet can lead to a loss of nutrients, harmful inflammation and biological aging. Fitness guru’s might recommend low-carb diets because they are great for weight loss, but the proof is that carbs don’t really make you fat. The “issue” with eating carbs is typically viewed as a myth by many healthcare professionals rather than holistic doctors and nutritionists.

For those who have ever tried cutting carbs in hopes to lose weight, you may have recognized some changes in your body such as feeling tired and becoming moody. This study also proves that this is the case as well, because they found that our brain relies on glucose which is found in carbs as fuel.

And as if we didn’t need any more convincing, carbs also affect how much serotonin we produce. For those who don’t know what serotonin is, it’s basically the hormone that makes us happy. This is proof that carbs really do make us happy!

So what this study basically tells me is to keep eating carbs!

Don’t be fooled by this tempting amount of information that may push you to eat more bread and pasta, we still have to eat other foods to get healthy nutrients in our system to help in other areas of our body. White pasta, bread and pastries lack fiber, which is key for our digestion, so we do need to eat things like blueberries, other fruits and vegetables to keep our systems active.

For those who still insist on having a low-carb diet, the scientists recommend opting for vegetables and nuts instead, as well as trying to eat plant-based fats and proteins to help promote healthy aging in the long term. Animal-based low-carb diets are associated with those who had a shorter lifespan, so the scientists are discouraging that as well.

Who would have thought carbs to be that beneficial in our diets? This gives me every excuse to treat myself to a big bowl of spaghetti tonight, or maybe chicken alfredo. Happy indulgence!

Featured image by Olive Garden on Instagram. 


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