This Company Makes Pickpocketing Nearly Impossible With Their Bags

As women, our safety is always one of the first questions we consider when we do anything; whether it’s walking alone at night or going to a huge tourist attraction on vacation. It’s also difficult trying to plan a successful day out while being practical for all circumstances while remaining fashionable as well. You know, because that’s super important too.

Let’s face it. It’s super hard trying to coordinate all of our items and pack them into bags to try and accommodate us conveniently. Luckily for us, Hedgren has us set with a full line of products to help us in every situation when travelling.

Hedgren is a great company to consider when in search for travel bags of all shapes and sizes, as I’ve recently learned. And it’s not because of how practical they are. It’s because their main focus when designing their bags is safety.

The backpacks that Hedgren makes are by far my favourite bags I’ve ever gotten simply for the fact that they don’t open on the side or at the front. They actually open from the part of the back that is directly on your back. This way it prevents people from being able to get into your backpack when your on the move and not looking. There is zero fear of someone opening your back without your knowledge.

I’m obsessed with the amount of hidden compartments, and the safety features because I’ve never seen a backpack like this! The safety component is outstanding with these bags and I appreciate their attention to detail. They have multiple backpacks available in pleating and a few different colours, and the straps don’t chafe, so you’re sure to have a comfortable experience while using them. They might be a bit expensive whether your buying it on Amazon or the Hedgren website, but the relief in itself is worth it. Especially while on vacation!

In addition, the one feature I’ve noticed in most of their bags, even aside from their backpacks, is how well they protect your items with several security features. Most of their bags include a RFID blocking technology so all your digital information and data is protected from hackers. Your passports, credit card information, and all other documentation will be safe!

I’ve used this backpacks when going to school and while on vacation (I’ve even leant them to older family members when they’ve gone to places like New York City and Seattle). Not once has there ever been a problem while using them. It’s so lightweight you don’t even feel like you’re wearing it at times too, which makes long days on the go a lot less painful.

Sure, the size might be a tad small for what you might want, but the functionality isn’t to be able to carry 8 pounds of books or clothes.

It’s simply to use while your on the go and to feel safe while your doing what you have to do to ensure you are more focused on enjoying the moment rather than panicking and constantly checking behind you.

This feature they ensure in almost all of their bags is something that goes severely unnoticed in the fashion industry and I’m glad that this company is choosing to make it a priority. Safety is something that’s so underrated these days and we should have more options of products that will help give us that peace of mind.

Featured image via Hedgren


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