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The Relatable Stages Of Fighting With Your Boyfriend As Told By Lauren Conrad

Fighting with our boyfriends is as common as the grass is green, it’s always changing but still happens. If there’s one role model we all looked up to growing up it was Lauren Conrad, because she was just so strong and seemed so sure of herself. But even she fell victim to dating crappy men and had some rocky breakups and make up’s. We never used to think it could happen to us too, but boy were we wrong.

Here are the relatable stages of fighting with a boyfriend as told by Lauren Conrad:

When You Finally Get Into a Relationship


It’s about damn time!

And You Realize He’s An Immature Kid Rather Than a Man


Aren’t they all?

He Starts Cancelling Plans


And at this point you’re just so disappointed and can’t even deal with him anymore.

Then Your Relationship Gets to A Point Where He’s An Actual POS


And every single thing he does pisses you off.

So You Call Him Out On His BS


He’ll deny it and somehow try to put the blame on you.

Then You Start Texting The Group Chat to Give Them An Update


You try to play it off like you are un-bothered, but you are far from it. You are furious and you need to talk to your girlfriends to make yourself feel better.

You Are Just Over It And Want Nothing to Do With Him


It’s the beginning of your new and solo life without that 200 pounds of baggage weighing you down.

You May Start Creeping His Every Mood Just In Case You Need Proof For Later On


You can never have enough evidence. Plus you want to see where he’s going, who he’s with and what they’re doing. There’s nothing wrong with that when going through a fight.

Then He Finally Contacts You After Days of Radio Silence


Your mind starts filling with a million questions and your truly unsure what he wants and why he is trying so hard.

Then You Start Plotting Rules With Your Friends


Prior to meeting up with him to chat it’s super important to remind yourself, and your man of your work so you lay out some new rules for the future to ensure he doesn’t mess up again.

And Of Course, You Cannot Have Sex With Him


You cannot cave this time.

Then The Time Comes and You’re Ready For This Confrontation


It’s time to figure out his intentions and hear him out (aka beg for your forgiveness). This is going to be interesting.

He Still Tries Blaming You So You Stay Firm And You Put Him In His Place


Another sacrifice? No thanks, it’s your turn to give into some things mister.

So You Kiss and Make Up


What was that fight even about again?

Then You Explain to Your Friends When He Says He’s “Gonna Change” But You Doubt It


Sure, he says he’ll change, but will he actually? It’ll take a lot of effort and your guard isn’t completely down yet.

Right When You Think You Have Finally Made Up, Your Friend Catches Him Being Shady


This could not be good.

So You Start Doing Your Own Research to Catch Him In The Act


He’s stupid if he thinks he can get it passed you.

Then You Find The Exact Proof You Needed to Confront Him Again


And you are beyond furious and frustrated.

You Don’t Mean to Be Dramatic Or Anything But…


So you’re just going to act on impulse and emotion and lose it. So you just break up with him.

Part of You Is Sad


Because being single really does suck and no one wants to be known as the single girl.

And Part of You Is Back To This Stage


That phase will always be deep down in your soul when it comes to him, and it’ll never change.

But You Really Have to Remind Yourself to Stay Strong and Move On From Him


Regardless of the good times you have to remind yourself of the bad because they are not worth it.

You Even Preach Your Strength to Your Friends In Hopes They Learn From Your Mistakes


The “take it from me ladies” approach can work for your friends who don’t know how to stay away from their garbage ex, so you have to flaunt your will power while you can in hopes it’ll help them.

But Then He Messages You Out of The Blue And You Want to Get Back With Him


Maybe he’s changed? Maybe you’re lonely? Regardless, you always get a little hopeful that you can start something again when he reaches out after a while apart.

It’s a vicious cycle you go through with your man, and even your best friends (because they equally get invested).  It’s hard to deny that you or someone you know has gone through it, so there’s nothing to be judgemental about there. It happens all the time almost identically to this. Thank goodness we had Lauren to learn it all from first to prepare us for when we got into these types of situations.

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