Why We Should Stop Sharing Demi’s Story For Her

Addiction or substance use does not discriminate, and may affect people regardless of age, wealth, gender, or status. Often times (but not always), addiction plays a key role in mental health concerns and serve as a vice for folks experiencing a wide range of health issues. However, we all need to stop worrying about the wrong side of addiction and substance abuse.

In comes Demi Lovato, a smart, brave, and talented young woman. Demi has been very open about her experiences of bullying and mental health which has inspired so many and helps de-stigmatize people who identify with having a disability.

As we all know, Demi experienced an overdosed just over a month ago. What should have been a private matter, like all ‘downfalls’ of celebrities, has lead to an open exposure of her life.

Who was she hanging out with? What drug did she overdose on? How long has she been using? What lead to this? What happened that night?

With everyone arriving at their own conclusions and assumptions we remind ourselves of how harsh the spotlight can be.

Welcome to the world of fame, where scandals are more important than the well being of others. The only topic, if at all, that should have been discussed is whether Demi is okay and seeking support. Everything else? It is none of your f***king business.

Skip back to today, a month later, the person who admitted to supplying Demi with the drugs that lead to the overdose has come into the spotlight; and people are eating it up. People are writing about it, people are talking about it and it’s turned into somewhat of a s**t show.

One more time: It’s none of your f***king business.

News articles, TV interviews, and blog buzz has surrounded this new character and their moment in the spotlight to cash in on their 15 minutes and take advantage of any opportunity; despite the consequences.

Articles discuss the history of the ‘drug dealer’, his past arrests, his past experiences in prison, and many speculated if Demi and this ‘drug dealer’ had a sexual relationship. Making these conclusions and painting Demi with a brush you conjured up is not fair. 

We don’t need to write more about it. We don’t need to talk about her drug dealer.

Society does not need to question what she was wearing when she was found. We don’t need to speculate who she was intimate with or the drug she overdosed on. We, the general public, do not need to come together as a internet collective of ‘concerns citizens’ prying answers out of all involved for our own purposes.

No one needs the intimate details of this experience in order to what what we all should have done in the first place; support her. Not chastise or turn her into a spectacle.

We only need to support her, to give her respect by not making this harder than it already is. Society needs an outpour of love and support, without judgement, without curiosity. We do not deserve, nor are entitled to know this information that is hers to share… or not share (what an idea!).

Demi Lovato’s not the one telling us her personal life, let her keep it that way.

Demi’s story is not ammo to jump on for our own gains. Stop.

Featured image via ddlovato


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