Why You Need To Have A “Just Because Day”

Have you ever thought about allowing yourself a just because day? A just because day, in my opinion, is necessary for the soul and spirit. If you think about doing something just because can be good for your overall health. It’s a way to remind yourself that you’re a priority too. So if you’re scrolling through and you see a great deal on a spa treatment take it, treat yourself just because.

In my experience that the best memories we end up making in our life are the ones, we didn’t plan on ending up being some of our best memories. What would my ideal just because the day you ask? It would start with a trip to Starbucks for the world’s largest double chocolate chip frappuccino, and not one but two of their delicious brownies.

Then I would spend the rest of the morning and afternoon at one of my favorite places, Mystic Seaport. With my boyfriend by my side. Taking in the beautiful scenery of the glistening water and the sunshine. And it wouldn’t be my just because day if I didn’t throw in a little shopping. After that meeting up with friends and family.

My point is that we spend way too much posting, and pining about where we want our lives to be in ten years from now that we forget to live in the now. We also forget that is more than okay to give yourself a just because of the day for no reason at all.

So, if you want to spend your entire day in a Barnes And Noble reading every single Nicholas Sparks novel they have until closing then do it. If you want to take your just because day and cross off as many things on your bucket list as you can then go for it. Whether it’s holding a baby koala or designing your own tattoo do it; do it all?

If you and your boyfriend/girlfriend want to drop everything and go to Vegas for the weekend then go. Doing something just because every once in a while is not being selfish or neglectful. It’s giving yourself permission to take a timeout for life and to remind yourself to enjoy the time you’re giving because of nothing last for forever.

And when you look back on the memories, you have made would you want those memories filled with “I wish I did”, or “I’m glad I did.”We’re only given so many chances and opportunities in this life to live our lives to the fullest, why not make sure our lives are overflowing with as many memories as we can possibly make?

So for anyone who may come across this article, Girl or guy. Be kind to yourself and allow yourself 24 hours to do something just because. Who knows, maybe by the end of the 24 hours you have discovered something new about yourself or someone, something else you never knew before? I see this as an opportunity to see what life has in store for you.

Take 24 hours and find out what it would be like just to do something just because. How liberating and freeing would it feel if you put down your phone, stepped away from your desk and just let whatever happen; happen for 24 hours? I challenge anyone who hasn’t given themselves permission to do something, anything just because. Allow yourselves the room to step away from life for a little while and just be in the moment. But most importantly enjoy the moment.

We all deserve to give yourself a day without any explanation or reason behind it. What could you possibly lose by giving yourself the gift of doing something just because? Answer: absolutely nothing. So what are you waiting for?! Start planning your just because day already!

Featured image via Unsplash.



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