Here’s How You Can Stay Safe When You’re Traveling Alone

I frequently travel alone. Traveling alone isn’t for everyone. If you don’t enjoy traveling alone, there is nothing wrong with you. I will be honest; traveling alone does get lonesome. But, a part of me really does enjoy driving and going places alone because it gives me time to reflect and connect, both with myself and others. I really do lot of self-reflecting on long car trips. I believe that this type of reflection is healthy for you and helps you to grow as a person. An important part of traveling alone, though, is considering your safety.

Every weekend, I stay over in Cape Coral so that I can attend the Cape Coral Farmers’ Market on Saturdays. Thanks to my weekly travels, I have learned a lot about traveling alone. Every time I travel solo to a show, event, or market, I put my safety at risk.  Considering that I grew up with a pretty protective Italian father, safety was always a huge concern for my parents.  

My dad has never wanted to see his “little girl” in harm’s way.

So, my dad went on this website that my friend Kevin, who works for the government, told him about, to purchase some items for me so I’d be safer when I’m traveling. Dad bought pepper spray, mace, a pink gun wrist alarms, an alarm for a hotel door, and a door stopper. Man, my dad sure got everything. He practically bought the entire store. In all seriousness, he  really wanted to make sure that I’d be safe, no matter whether I’d be staying at an Airbnb (superhost) or a hotel.

What really urged my father to get all of these safety devices was the fact that at so many different farmers’ markets,  people have come up to me and made me feel so uncomfortable. Not only did they come up to me and say totally off-the-wall, inappropriate comments, but their behavior also forced me to call on local law enforcement to intervene. So, because of these comments, can you blame my dad for being a bit overprotective and worried? Absolutely not.

Take a look at this website for all the personal safety products you will need when you travel alone. This is the exact same site my dad used to find the protective products for me. Law enforcement also highly recommends it.

If you do want to try to travel alone, do it, but be smart about it. Give your family and friends an itinerary for your trip, bring enough cash, a credit card, food, and most importantly,  protection. You can always make more money, but there will never be another you.

Photo by Steven Lewis on Unsplash.


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