Olive Garden Teased A Makeup Palette And It’s Low-Key Genius

Do you love makeup? And Italian food?

Well, Olive Garden may have just made your wildest dreams come true.

In a recent tweet, the Italian Restaurant announced to the world that it may produce a makeup line. Yes, a makeup line.

Aren’t those shades fabulous? They could simultaneously make anyone look flawless and super hungry.

Just a TSA for everyone, the palette will NOT be edible. So don’t get any ideas!

But for reals, this truly is what dream are made of.

Now we all know what Lizzie McGuire sang about all those years ago. She must have been able to see the future or something.

In the tweet, Olive Garden also debuted a few different shades with some interesting names. Some of the shades included: Breadstick Bronzer, Lasagna Lush, Spaghetti Sparkle, Alfredo Awesome, Parmigiana Perfection, Marinara Rouge and Fierce Fettuccine.

Doesn’t that sound amazing?

If the company does go through with it, I just hope that they don’t make their makeup actually smell like the food. That could be a real disaster… Or maybe it could be the best thing to ever happen to the world. Imagine making out with someone who smelled like Olive Garden!

Oh wait… Don’t, that’d be weird.

But, nevertheless, I’m sure Olive Garden would make class A makeup that would have everyone singing praises to the Gods.

Fabulous makeup and food? This Italian Restaurant would literally be unstoppable.

Hopefully the Olive Garden makeup comes with free breadsticks. Because if it does, I am there for it.  What do you think about Olive Garden’s new venture? Would you try their new makeup line? Comment below!

Photo courtesy of Olive Garden via Twitter. 


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