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7 Things You Need To Get The Perfect Makeup Look At All Times

Thanks to social media, makeup has taken over the Internet and is currently crossing boundaries and re-enacting confidence and pride in many people. While some people treat makeup as a hobby, others view it as a science project – experimenting and discovering what works for them. Sometimes, the look you have in mind doesn’t match what you create, but here are some tips and tricks that can help you out.

The Right Makeup Base

Don’t you just love to behold flawless makeup with  the right tones, highlights popping, smooth lips, and stunning eyes? The wrong makeup base can lead to a patchy, scaly, or dry final results. So, prepare your skin pre-application by exfoliating and moisturizing both your face and lips, plus applying lip balm. You will not regret doing this!

The Right Tools

Makeup is an art and a skill, so it requires tools. You don’t see an mechanic work without his toolset, do you?

Therefore, take  time to equip yourself with the right tools: makeup brushes, eyelash curler, eyebrow template, and whatever else you may need. Yes, you can go without some of these, but there is no denying how much they improve your results.

The Perfect Eyeliner Application

Regardless of the eyeliner shape you seek, it always hurts to see eyeliner that doesn’t seem to enter the lash line. That space in between the lash line and the crease just screams. One easy trick to avoiding this beauty disaster is to leave your eyes slightly open when you apply.

Using Bronzer Under Eyes      

Highlighting under your eyes can be divine; the eyes are not called the “nipples of the face” for nothing. When you highlight the wrong way, though, your eyes start to look like you are trying to create an Avatar character. If you have shaky hands, you can hide your trembles by using a bronzer to highlight your undereyes. This trick is amazing because your bronzer is close to your skin tone.

Creating Lip Depth

3D Lippies are gorgeous, but you can create badass definition with your palette. One easy way to do this is to work with different tones. I know ombré is cool, but using a darker tone between your lips and a lighter shade around can help give your lips a fuller look.


Allow your makeup to set! In post-event pictures, it is not pretty to look like you just came out of a fighting ring! Using a setting powder or spray allows your makeup stay fresh for longer periods.

The Right Products

Picking the right products might seem hectic, but it is more stressful for everyone looking at you when your products just do not fit. The horrors of getting a very dry finish, an oily finish, or makeup that melts or darken after a while… eeesh! Working with the wrong products might be the reason you are not getting the ideal results.

One last helpful hint: Here is a website I found that reviews various makeup brands. Check them out to see which is best for you: https://www.reviews.com/ and: https://www.reviews.com/makeup-brushes/

Now that you are well-equipped and well informed, go out and be beautiful!

Photo by Malvestida Magazine on Unsplash



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