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27 ‘Sex Is Great But’ Tweets That Will Make Your Day

Sex is pretty freaking great and those who don’t really like it clearly haven’t had the best sex yet. Trust me, it will get better! The latest trend on Twitter involves a series of tweets describing things that can be better than sex. My personal favourite ones are the ones that describe things that are oddly satisfying in a non sexual way.

Here are a few of my favourites:

This truly is pleasing to the eye.

Who doesn’t love this. Just the thought gets me excited.


Gosh, it feels so good every once in a while.

The definition of an accomplishment!

Intelligence is sexy, my friends.

It’s the greatest feeling, literally.

Those people are angels.

That’s better than almost any orgasm you’ll receive.

Absolutely! Anytime plans are canceled it’s a fantastic time.

This is an incredible feeling!


Although they may hurt, they still feel unbelievably good. Just like sex can be.

Whichever employee does this is the best person in the world and I demand they receive a raise for their heroic efforts.

This is so oddly satisfying, I can’t quite describe it.


It’s the best kind of sleep!

Absolutely! Who hasn’t?

*eye roll with a lip bite*


It’s probably one of the best parts about sex to be honest.

Who said that sex was the only way to feel good? There are plenty of little things we experience daily that still make us feel good and make our hearts flutter a little bit with joy. Keep these tweets coming because they are funny, adorable relatable and satisfying to read!

Featured image via freestocks on Unsplash



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