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The 6 Best Childhood Memories We All Experienced As Kids

The older I get the more I realize that things really have changed from when I was a kid compared to how things are for kids today. It’s like we were in two different worlds. Maybe it was because we grew up in a much simpler time, but our childhoods seemed so much more exciting and memorable because it was so simple!

Here are some awesome childhood memories we all have that we’ll never forget:

Going to Your Friends Forts

Whether it was a plastic playhouse in the backyard, a blanket fort you made in a bedroom or the empty hide away storage space in the garage, you and your friends had it down pat. This is where you’d talk about your day, gossip about crushes and bullies, and have the best snacks! If I could still fit into these places I would.

Playing Dodgeball

Most schools had mini gym game programs running through recess or after school, and there was no greater fun than playing them, especially dodgeball. The list of teams would go up or they’d be selected on the day of and it was go-time. Dodgeball was the best and most competitive game you could have ever played. Unless that super athletic kid wasn’t on your team. Then it sucked (and hurt).

Getting Certain Happy Meal Toys

When I was a kid Happy Meals at McDonalds usually consisted of Mattel toys and Disney toys based off of the latest movie being released. So when you saw the commercial on TV that showed the new toys and you finally convinced your parents to get you McDonalds AND you got the toy you really wanted out of the selection, you were on cloud nine. That’s an excitement you’ll never forget.

Hearing The Ice Cream Truck

This noise still gets me excited every time I hear it, and I can’t help but feel like a kid again. It was rare you actually got ice cream, but seeing it go down your street, hearing the music and knowing you actually had a slight chance to get some was huge!

The After-School TV Show Lineup

Recess, The Weekenders, Lizzie McGuire, That’s So Raven, The Amanda Show, and All That were my life! I can still tell you the schedule of all my favourite after-school TV shows, and I may have intentionally listed those shows in that particular order….

Not Counting Calories

Need I say more? Having a high metabolism meant nothing to me back then and I wish I appreciated it a lot more. I can’t believe I spent my skinny years thinking I was fat! And I really wish I could shove my face with all of the junk food in the world and not have it kill my body.

Kids today still may have these awesome memories like we did, but it just isn’t always the same. I wish I could go back to a much more simple time and relive and enjoy my youth once more. Or at least have TV stations replay old episodes of our favourite TV shows to help ease the pain of this adulting business.

What’s your favourite childhood memory? Comment below!

Featured image via Happy Meal on Flickr



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