The 4 Best International Travel Destinations For Anyone On A Budget

Envision yourself sitting by the ocean, sipping on Pina Coladas and watching the sunset. Better yet, you’re climbing mountains in search of the next breathtaking view. All of it is possible, even if you’re on a budget. Travel doesn’t have to cost a fortune or break the bank. Here are the 12 best countries to visit on a budget, with the cheapest countries displaying first, sorted by our Daily Budget Index. This represents the sum of accommodation costs per day, 3 meals per day, and public transportation costs.

Your next budget destination awaits!

1. Nicaragua

The most budget-friendly country, according to our Daily Budget Index, Nicaragua’s exceptional landscape, colonial architecture, remote islands, and Caribbean and Pacific waters make it the ideal country to visit. Specifically if you are looking to have a bit of everything, and are on tight budget. With the largest area of rainforest north of the Amazon, six active volcanoes, and picturesque towns, Nicaragua is the jewel of Central America. Its vibrant festivals, historic cities and uninterrupted waters have travelers flocking to experience it all for themselves.

Best time to travel: November to April

Top Things to Do:

  • Volcano board down Cerro Negro
  • Cliff jump off Somoto Canyon
  • Peer through bubbling lava of the Masaya Volcano
  • Swim through the volcano caldera of Laguna de Apoyo


  • Average accommodation cost per night: USD 10 – 20
  • Average food cost per day: USD 3 – 5
  • Average transportation cost: USD 3 – 5

Daily Budget Index = USD 22 – 40 per day

2. Peru

Peru is without a doubt one of the most captivating countries in South America. From the wild Amazon jungles to the vast coastal deserts and icy peaks of the Andes, Peru hosts biodiversity that is rarely seen within a single country. The country is home to a lost city, ancient geoglyphs and indigenous cultures that span civilizations. Peru is a place of fascinating contrast and South American charm that leave travelers wanting to go back again and again.

Best time to travel: May to October

Top Things to Do:


  • Average accommodation cost per night: USD 10 – 20
  • Average food cost per day: USD 3 – 5
  • Average public transportation cost: USD 5 – 10

Daily Budget Index = USD 24 – 45 per day

3. Cambodia

There’s something magical about Cambodia that captivates travelers every time. Cambodia is the contemporary state of what was once the Khmer Empire, which existed during the Angkorian period. Many parts of that empire still remain within the country’s streets. Cambodia is home to several ethnic minorities who reflect much of the Cambodian spirit and generosity that have travellers longing to stay.

Best time to travel: May to October

Top Things to Do:

  • Try your hand at tarantula wine – a locally brewed rice wine mixed with jackfruit and topped with live tarantula. Otherwise, you can always try fried tarantula.
  • Explore the world wonder, Angkor Wat
  • Head towards Battambang to see the local Cambodian life
  • Take a plantation tour at Kampot to discover the many pepper plantations and fruit farms unique to Cambodia
  • Enjoy one of the craziest beach parties at Koh Rong


  • Average accommodation cost per night: USD 10 – 15
  • Average food cost per day: USD 3 – 5
  • Average public transportation cost: USD 5 – 10

Daily Budget Index = USD 24 – 40 per day

4. Nepal

If you’re a mountain lover, then Nepal is a country you don’t want to miss. Trek around the foothills of Everest and the Annapurna range, and enjoy the view of the Nepali river that wraps around the Himalayan gorge. Nepal is a supercluster of the world’s most dramatic landscapes and adventurous hearts. You can jump from canyons, kayak, paraglide and mountain bike the country’s steepest hills and ravines. Nepal is a country that gives travelers the opportunity to embrace Mother Nature at its finest.

Best time to travel: March to May / September to November

Top Things to Do:

  • Mountain bike along the rolling hills of Kathmandu Valley or go for whitewater rafting on the fierce Bhote Koshi river or Marsyangdi and Trishuli rivers
  • Trek up to Everest Base Camp to see the majestic Mount Everest or trek up to Poonhill to see the glorious Annapurna range
  • Find your way down Siddhu Gufa, the largest cave in Nepal
  • Go for a bungy or a swing jump from a canyon that is above 160 m high over the Bhotekoshi river


  • Average accommodation cost per night: USD 15 – 20
  • Average food cost per day: USD 5 – 7
  • Average public transportation cost: USD 2 – 5

Daily Budget Index = USD 32 – 46 per day

We have so many more exciting travel destinations, so keep an eye out for more. Have a safe trip and be sure to tell us all about it in the comments below! Bon voyage!

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Originally published on Bookmundi by Jane Anderson


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