10 Performances From Your Fave Childhood Shows That You’ll Never Forget

The one thing about being kids back in our day was that there were so many amazing TV shows and movies we could fall in love with. Channels like Nickelodeon and The Disney Channel created the perfect content for our age group full of educational shows, comedies, and semi-dramatic shows. And with those awesome pre-teen shows came some awesome musical moments we’ll never forget.

Soul Man by Drake and Josh

Hug me brother, that was beautiful! Josh missed a huge opportunity by not playing this at his wedding, just saying (and not having Drake there either).

Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney on Suite Life of Zack and Cody

There’s no soul more beautiful than his. I still look like Maddie and London when I watch this masterpiece!

Rejected by Logan’s Cheerleaders

Zoey, Nicole, and Lola killed this piece and forever gave young girls an anthem to sing with their friends about a boy they didn’t like.

Schools Out by Zack, Cody & Friends

This was a banger at the end of the school year.

Bianca Says, You… by Bianca and Her Crew

I’m sorry but I only do what Raven says to do, sorry Bianca.

Teenage Drama Queen by Lola

I mean, she’s no Hilary Duff, but Lindsay Lohan did alright.

Can You Feel the Love by Corey and The Boyz

Name a more iconic love song, I’ll wait.

I’ve Got Beef Between My Teeth by the cast of Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Don’t lie, you still know the words.

What Dreams Are Made of By Lizzie McGuire

This is still what dreams are made of!


I’ll continuously give them my devotion.

You may not have remembered the words perfectly, but the second you saw the scene begin you knew exactly what was about to happen. It’s funny though how one little thing can trigger such a memory for us.

Featured image via Lizzie Mcguire


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