Why You Should Remove The Word ‘Sorry’ From Your Beauty Vocabulary

When getting ready for the day, there are several aspects of my routine. Between getting myself ready and making sure I don’t forget anything, it’s easy to feel that early morning stress I so often feel. I am not the most confident person, so even after I get fully ready, I start second-guessing my appearance. Does my outfit look okay? Did I put enough makeup on? Does my hair look good enough? After that comes all of the excuses I plan to say since I don’t have time to change anything.

“I overslept, sorry.”

“Sorry, it’s laundry day.”

“Sorry, I ran out of hairspray.”

All of these silent apologies run through my head even though I know none of them are true and I knew exactly what I was doing when I was getting ready. But there’s always that fear of other people judging me that makes me feel like I need to have some kind of apology ready when someone says something about how I look or gives me a look that makes me feel like they disapprove.

Beauty has become a necessity. It has become a way for us to judge ourselves against others. It’s no longer viewed as self-expression. We use it to compare other people against other people and ourselves against other people. What we wear is either accepted or not, there is no in between. We find out what other people are wearing before we get dressed because God forbid we stand out. We would rather be seen as “fitting in” than do what we want for ourselves.

There are plenty of things to apologize for, such as being late or spilling a drink on someone. Beauty is not one of those things. It’s time we take back control of what we look like and stop letting society tell us how we should look. There are certain rules that should be followed, such as if there is a dress code in a workplace. But you should never be afraid of going to the store with no makeup on.

Beauty is all about expressing who you are and being comfortable in that. You should never sacrifice what you are comfortable with because everyone else might be going a different direction. Whether you have a smokey eye with dark lipstick or just a tinted moisturizer and some lip balm, you should be comfortable with who you are in your own skin. No one should be allowed to tell you that you don’t look good enough. You should never apologize for your comfort and how you choose to look.

Beauty is power. What you look like is your power. Who you are is your power. Never let anyone take that from you. Never let anyone make you apologize for how you look going to the grocery store or what you wear when you go somewhere. It’s all about what you feel comfortable doing. Not what everyone else is doing. The minute you let someone tell you, you don’t look good enough, is the minute you lose control of yourself. Resist the urge to apologize for not wearing a lot of makeup or wearing too much makeup. It’s your life and your body. Do what’s best for you.

It’s time to stop being sorry!

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash


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